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Campo Viejo – Rioja| Gift idea

wine editedWith Christmas coming around we are all on the rush and the look out for that perfect gift for him or her. I know something I always turn to is wine. I mean as a gift ha! Of course I love wine myself nothing better on a cold winter evening than a lovely glass of wine. I think you really can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of wine as a gift or to accompany a Christmas meal. So when I was on the hunt for my Christmas gift ideas I came across this beautiful presented bottle of wine. The details of the golden wire around the bottle and Espana vibes to the labelling to add that extra bit of luxury to closer edited There is actually a story to why mostly Rioja wine has the golden wiring told perfectly by Campo Viejo ambassador Maria huete –

“There’s a lovely story behind the tradition of the gold wire netting on bottles of Gran Reserva, which dates back to 1858 when the oldest bodegas in Rioja was founded. Enterprising thieves would steal empty bottles of popular wine, fill them with cheap table wine and sell them on. The gold mesh, which was too expensive for counterfeiters, was introduced by wineries to separate their quality wines and other leading winemakers of Rioja quickly adopted the same practice, which led to the mesh becoming an indicator of quality in itself,” explains Campo Viejo Wine Ambassador, Maria Huet. 

wine edited 3The bottle really does have a luxury feel to it and the red wine inside does not disappoint. As the bottle is opened beautiful aromas of rich black berries flood out with warm spices. A smoky warm scent and flavour fill the palette making it the perfect accompaniment for stews, meats and cheese boards.

The Wine is aged for at least 5 years before spending 24 months in a French oak cast  before rounding off in the bottle for a further 24 months. It truly is a beautiful indulgent red wine and would make the perfect Christmas gift for all wine lovers. Or a treat for yourself over the Christmas period!

The wine can be purchased at all leading retailers for £16 for a 750ml bottle. wine edit 2



This wine was gifted to me.



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