What Have We Been Up To – December

Happy New Year All!! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a jolly New years Eve and Day! We had an amazing Christmas the magic was well and truly alive. The kids this year for the first year have both been truly into the whole Santa and magic of Christmas thing. It was such a magical time. Isn’t it funny as a child the whole idea of Christmas is receiving gifts and awaiting Santa you believe it’s the best thing ever. But as an adult the magic actually is seeing your children’s excitement , putting out the mince pies and milk, and just experiencing the magic of Christmas through your childrens eyes. That is the true magic of Christmas.

We had the best Christmas Day, the best so far. The kids loved every gift and we loved watching them enjoy the day. Heres a video of Christmas morning.

We spent it at home just the 4 of us plus daisy the cat haha! We also took advantage of January sales and booked a little week away to Blackpool in July at Haven which the kids are really excited for. We wish we hadn’t told them to be honest because it’s all we are hearing hah! Derry has told us daily about the swimming pools and everything you could possibly do on holiday hah! We sat and showed them videos on things to do there while she screamED ” Its amazing!”. Corey’s just excited for a cheese sandwich in our caravan ha! You could tell that kid he was going Disneyland and the first question would be is there cheese sandwiches ha!

Heres a few pictures of our fun!

A few days before Christmas while mark built the kids kitchen I was standing next to him and out of nowhere a disc popped and slid out in my back and I collapsed to the floor it was horrendous pain. I was screaming and so close to calling an ambulance. I suffer with spine problems so I have this happen quite often but it took me completely by surprise and really scared me that it could happen without warning. Plus I was gutted it would ruin Christmas if I ended up bed bound. Ive now been looking into wheelchairs and mobility scooters as my health is just getting worse by the day! My back issues have become a big problem but ill get there or at least cope and manage the best I can. Im so grateful and lucky to have marks help even the kids help me a lot.

We spent New Years eve wrapped up in bed by 10pm haha! We had planned on going out for the night to a family party but plans changed so we just had a normal night in. I think once you have children New Years eve is just a normal day that you actually hate because you don’t want the fireworks to wake your sleeping baby at 12am hah! Every year the kids have woken at 12 with all the fireworks but this year we all woke up at 6am the next day and I was so shocked we hadn’t heard a thing.

Did you make any resolutions this year? I hadn’t I think if you tell yourself you have to change because it’s a new year you’ll never do it or follow through hah! If you want to change then just do it doesn’t have to be a certain day! Well actually I kind of do have some. To laugh more, to have more days out, to say yes more, to attend more events and just enjoy life more.

Plans for this year are to do more family things like theme parks or woodland walks. We have booked the holiday but I’m hoping we can fit in a few weekends away or even just a night. Id love to be able to have more dates with mark and do things as a couple rather than just being mum and dad.

We hadn’t planned on any holidays this year we want to get the house all decorated and freshened up like new flooring through out etc. But im secretly hoping we move house this year we currently live on a 2nd floor and I need to be on a ground to just enjoy life more and get out more as it’s currently really hard to with my medical problems.

So that’s where we are at really hah! We are so looking forward to this year and I hope your year is filled with happiness and fun to, and you stick around to experience it all with us. Come and follow us over on our social medias, we post once a week or more on youtube and daily in our instagram stories.




Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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