Gift Giving All Wrapped Up – Jim Shore Collection Review #AD (gifted)

I recently put up on our channel my valentines day gift guide which Included these beautiful ornaments from the website Gift giving all wrapped up from the Jim shore Disney Traditions range.  If you’d like to see that head to our channel and give the video a like!

I was kindly Gifted these items to include within the video and review here on the blog. Regardless of the items being gifted all opinions and views are my own and I have not been paid for this review.

So Lets get into the actual fun part and review these gorgeous items. We are MASSIVE Disney fans in our household well I think any household that has children in have become Disney fans but without me having children i’ve have always loved Disney i’ve visited Disneyland at least 10 times in my 28 years no exaggeration at all. I think the magic Disney brings is something so unique and nothing compares. My §childhood memories are filled with the happiest Disney memories. As I was looking for items for my valentines day gift I couldn’t think of a greater love story than that of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. I think every girl secretly dreams of a marriage proposal in front of the pink castle in Disneyland or maybe that’s just me? ha!

A quick over view of the actual designer Jim shore –

Jim Shore grew up in rural South Carolina, the son of artistic parents who instilled a love of American folk art. His grandmother was a master quilter who taught him the patience and skill to bring intricate designs to life. Jim worked decades developing his craft, manufacturing his own designs and traveling the country to sell his work. Finally in 2001, he partnered with Enesco to create Heartwood Creek, the successful brand that brought Jim world-wide fame. Jim has received multiple awards from prestigious trade organizations including ICON HONORS Life Accomplishment Award in 2012.

This beauty is named A magical Moment where Mickey is proposing to his love Minnie. This also doubles up as not only a beautiful ornament but as a ring tray. Imagine prosing using love icons to hold your ring as you pop the question or to have next to your bed to place your rings etc in at night. The dish itself is definitely big enough to hold quite a few items of jewellery. All the items from the range are hand crafted and hand painted to such a high quality. The style of this is Folk art but still have the classic Disney look to them. The base itself is in the shape of a heart with the characters mounted on top. This retails for £44.00

proposal 2

proposal 1

They have a unique look to them that isnt quite perfect, they are obviously very well made and painted with patience and love. They have a rough texture to them in places and the odd raw painted part that gives them a very personal touch. They are hand painted so it gives them a charming quality and appreciation to the effort each one has taken to be painted and crafted by hand. The attention to detail is so perfect right down to Mickeys diamond ring. This ornament would make the perfect gift for a loved one.

There was a slight mark on Minnies bow which looks to have been caught before drying so its left a slight smudge(pictured above). There are other parts that are rustically painted which totally look on purpose and meant to be there where as this smudge does stand out as a mistake but it doesn’t take away anything from the ornament at all. Im only noticing because im reviewing the product, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have noticed it was a mistake.


This next one is rightfully named “blossoming Romance”.  The style of this one reminds me of the older style Mickey with his dark large eyes being blacked out and the same for Minnie. The traditional Mickey and Minnie. Mickey is handing his love a beautiful rose whilst she sits happily on a wooden fence. The folk art style is still present showing the Jim shore signature design on the characters ears. This one has a more vintage vibe and I think it fits perfectly to the story being told in that Mickey is dating Minnie trying to win her as his bride. Years ago when dating wasn’t done over a mobile phone or the internet. When a gentleman would ask a lady to a dance or a nice walk in meadows hah! That is the feel I get from this ornament Mickey and Minnie going on a spring walk in the meadows and Mickey picking Minnie a rose. The romance of it floods out just by looking at it.

blossoming romance 2


blossoming romance 1


Again the ornament is handed painted so the rustic look gives it that extra charm. I think again the attention to detail with the rose and flower in little her hat is gorgeous.  This one retails for £55.




Lastly isHeart strings“. How adorable is Tigger with his little heart balloon. When I saw this I instantly heard Tiggers voice saying “pooh bear” hah! If I was to think of romance I wouldn’t initially think of tigger, I think he definitely fits in the cuteness category and as the name states pulls at your heart strings. He’s painted in his signature vibrate orange and black stripes and mounted on a solid base with the folk art style border. Tiggers holding a solid heart balloon which I can hear him saying ” for a pooh bear” hah! It doesn’t actually speak that’s just what I hear when I look at him in my own head hah! I think thats something so beautiful about all these ornaments they tell a story with no words. Just by looking at them you get a sense of what Jim shore was maybe thinking when he designed them. Tigger retails for £35. 

tigger 1


I think all of these plus the whole Jim shore range are absolutely beautiful and would make the perfect gift or treat for anyone. There is so much on the site and I know I for one have just become a collector of Jim Shore! Ive placed these on a shelf for display in the living room and every single person who has entered has straight away noticed these and commented on how beautiful they are. Head to the Gift Giving All wrapped Up site and check out the Jim shore collection.


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