Lolita Hand Painted Glass Collections AD (gifted)

I recently discovered this company through my Teacher gifts idea search and originally they were just going to be a feature on that post (coming soon) . However when they arrived I was blown away by how beautiful they are, I couldn’t just keep them contained to that little segment. They are so worthy and deserve there very own post so here we are!

Lets start with how the Lolita company and creative idea started! I wont go in full detail as over on the Lolita website its explain so beautiful how the idea came to life with a girls night out! I think starting the idea with the sentence “on a girls night out” just says it all doesn’t it!?  Girls nights out stories are always the best ones, so head here to read more about Lolita and her journey into creating these beauties as its told so perfectly over there.

So the whole journey started around a cocktail and how the glasses that held these gorgeous drinks were just plain and didn’t fit there purpose. So Lolita decided with her creative flare to create the perfect glass for every occasions and in 2004 she launched her “love my martini” collection. And the rest is history as they say!

Her glasses became a massive hit in America and the idea soon spread across the oceans! Each glass is hand made being they are mouth blown not machine made meaning each glass will have a slight variations in thickness, design and weight. There is a lovely little video on the website showing a part of the process in making the glasses so head here to view that and some information on the process.

And so here we are today in 2018 and the collection has exploded into multiple genres and wow are they beautiful! The glasses I will be reviewing are apart of the Nature collection, but they also have collections for Wedding, Birthday, For her, Valentines, Super bling and Mothers day.

Oh and of course to pay homage to the whole starter of the idea, each glass on the bottom is a written recipe for a cocktail or alcoholic beverage! Makes them even better in my books!


Dragon Fly Wine Glass

How absolutely stunning is that! I love the colouring on it with the little gems to add that extra sparkle! I love the little detailing of the wings on the dragon fly. I could just imagine sitting in the garden with a bottle of wine on a summer evening, watching the sun setting and the garden full of flowers and life of little summer creatures. Relaxing in the last of the summer heat with a cool breeze, drinking your wine from the most gorgeous wine glass. Dragon flies swooping down to tulips and roses. That is the exact imagine I get with this beautiful glass. I don’t even think this picture or my description can do these glasses justice they have to been seen in person to see how creative and beautiful they are! This beauty retails for £18.



Hibiscus Glass

The hibiscus glass for some reason for me just brings to mind pink lemonade with ice. I don’t know why haha! It also give me child hood vibes. Growing up I lived in household with my nan in early years and she was a massive keen gardener. She kept the garden filled with beautiful flowers every summer they would bloom and the garden would be bursting with life. This glass reminds me of that. I think she must have had Hibiscus’s in there. Its stunning! This give me beautiful summer day vibes with pink lemonade, BBQs and family fun in a garden filled with life! The colouring again on this is stunning and the attention to detail is just beyond beautiful! A gin and tonic or whisky would also sit perfectly in this tumbler styled shape. This one is £15.



Spring Wine 2018 Glass

Save the best till last in my own opinion, I love this one! Although I think all 3 are stunning this one is my favourite. The colour bursting from this one is just amazing. If this isn’t summer and nature I don’t know what is! Can you imagine going on a couples picnic, bottle of champagne in a beautiful surrounding like a costal hill top looking over the ocean. Flowers blooming all around, sun setting, picnic blanket and enjoying gorgeous food watching all the summer flowers blowing in a warm breeze! That just sounds like heaven to me and its the exact imagine this glass brings to mind. Although this actually is a spring collection to me its bursting with summer. I can see where the spring comes into it, when all those beautiful flowers are starting to burst with life. Anyway enough of what my imagination invents, this beautiful glass is perfect for any special occasion. I think this beauty would make a gorgeous gift too! The detailing and design is just beautiful, This retails for £18

I cant recommend this company enough! They are beautiful! Head over to Lolitas Instagram here and show her some love!

Ill leave some smaller images i’ve taken of close up of the glasses here to! Which is your favourite? What images come to mind for you when looking at these? Leave us a comment below!

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Disclamier – These products were gifted to me no contract review was agreed. These opinions are all my own regardless and I am always completely honest in my reviews.

Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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    1. They are beautiful and to be hand made to I think they are lovely! I think I’m about to become there biggest customer I’ve already ordered another lol! Think it’s about to become a collection lol


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