Little Brian – Paint sticks review #AD

Being a parent can be a messy job especially when it comes to craft time. Painting can be a nervous affair when it comes to toddlers. Im usually over prepared standing there measuring the distance from curtains to sofa how far a paint splat could travel hah! Joking of course but you get what I mean in that handing a toddler or child a paint brush is like waiting for a bomb to go off! Although some times abit of messy fun is great for some cute pictures ha!


We were Kindly sent out some new paint items that are game changers for us parents! These are called PAINT STICKS! 9E5A1D71-E542-4CD6-8D88-B048DD574CA8

D1D10B97-C46B-4FCE-AF2F-A91D4FD96B3CMyself and the kids did a video over on YouTube of first impressions if you like to check that out! These paint sticks are basically what the name states, paint in a stick form. The bottom twists to allow the paint tip to come out the plastic casing and they also have lids. They are round ended so great for doing dotted picture like finger painting effect and the colours are very vibrant espeically in the day glow packet which is more a set of neon colours.

The kids had alot of fun using them. No water is needed or paint brushes. Something I did notice were the lids were quite tough to get off which isn’t necessary a bad thing because it allows you as the parent to control which colours can be used and if your children are like mine it stops them finding these out and getting into the arty spirit on my walls ha!


The paint sticks are very easy to handle and both my children 5 and 2 had no problem using the twister at the bottom to bring up the colours. Something I need notice with derry who is 2 her paint left residue, kind of like a was crayon leaves little clumps if used to hard but Corey didn’t have this problem so I think its an age thing however it wasn’t a reason to not use them as I still think they are great and would recommend to anyone with smaller children. I also thought these would be great for travelling in the car or plane as they are literally mess free.  They come in a variety of colours.


Want to buy some – HERE 





Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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