WOWEE Untamed Dragon And MadLab Minis – Review

Hey Guys! We were recently Kindly sent out some new toys to try out from the lovely girls at WirePR who we have had the pleasure of working with them lots of times before and the toys this time were the famous fingerlings! If you haven’t heard of a fingerling where have you been ha! Last year and 2017 fingerlings became a world craze and at Christmas I think every shop in the world were at one point sold out of these as they were set to become the top toy of the year on every child’s Christmas list.

The original of fingerlings were in the form of monkeys, sloths and other creatures such as unicorns. These however are in a new range called the untamed range! We reviewed a few months ago the first family members in the untamed range which were dinosaurs! We also did a video on them over on our channel.

dragonThe new family members are in the forms of dragons with fierce looking wings and also now have a led light inside the mouth for that extra added fireness! Each dragon has its own sounds to show their own emotions wether they are feeling cute or angry. Making them angry will result in different sound to when they are happy. You can learn how your dragon likes to be held or played with or you can make him angry and furious all the time. 3 dragon_Fotor.jpg

The Fingerlings are interactive toys and react to your touch for example stroking there noses or hanging them upside down will give a reaction from your dragon We love our new pet and his name is shockwave they come with a given name to match their personality! These retail for £14.99 and I bet will be a massive hit for the fiery child.

Untamed Mad Lab Minis

IMG_0366.jpgThese are probably the ones Corey was most excited about ha! I first had thought these were all filled with slime but it turned out they each had a different inside! These are called the untamed mad lab minis and inside each one is a new untamed creature such as raptors, T-Rex, Allosaurus, Spinosaurus, Sabre-tooth Tiger, Dire Wolf, Bear, Polar Bear, Gorilla, or Skeletonall awaiting to be unleashed. They are either hidden inside Geoslime, Biosand, or Terraclay. We were lucky enough to have 3 to try out and we luckily got one each of the sand slime and clay. The slime was proper slime and very gooey which Corey loved! IMG_0371.jpg


These were also included in our first impressions video on our channel if you want to check that out its all linked.

Inside the tube you get a surprise of what your creature will be hidden in either the sand slime or clay. The creatures can have their heads swaps to create a whole new breed too! These are £4.99 each.

We played with ours for hours the kids built there characters little homes and we talked about what each animal might eat if they were alive now. They were a BIG hit in our household and I bet they will be for yours too!

All can be purchased from leading stores.


Thank you to wire pr for sending these out to us!

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