Hatton Country World – Review (Everything you need to know) #AD

Hey guys!

       Before I get into my review I just wanted to give a quick warning haha! Im a photo freak and as this place is so great I took photo overload and I also have alot to say so this review will be quite lengthy hah! However some of the pictures are so cute and the place is honestly great so stick with me. Nat x

I was kindly gifted a great opportunity to visit Hatton Country world! Myself, Mark, the kids and mum visited and the sun was thankfully shining! We have visited Hatton many times over the years and its always been my favourite farm well infact its not just your average farm. If you don’t know what Hatton country world is it is a large working farm 100 acres infact filled with so many things for children to do its a full day out, its not just your average goats and chickens farm and you’ll see why.

On arriving there is plenty parking and the car park is literally behind the entrance so a 1 minute walk if that. My kids screamed the place down on seeing the bouncy castles and I thought Corey was about to explode as you can see haha! The entrance price is sadly a little bit pricey  in my opinion and the price is nearly doubled during school holidays which is abit sad but during the school holidays the pricing for both Adults and children is £15.95 per person with under 2s going free. Discounts for disabled people can be applied.  That is quite pricey but included in that price is all access to the play areas, bouncy castles and all attractions. There are attractions once inside that do still require payment such as pony rides and games like the water shooting or electric quad bikes.


At the main entrance you can purchase a cup full of goat food for £1. Once inside the goat area you can freely feed the animals. There are some very hungry goats well they aren’t hungry they are just greedy haha! The goats stand up on the fence awaiting to be hand fed and you place the food on your palm and the goats hoover it up, the kids found this hilarious. They weren’t brave enough to try but found it so funny the goats bumping each other to reach the next handful they seem to really enjoy it as much as we did and they definitely know exact where to stand to get some treats hah! Inside this part were beautiful baby cows, lambs, baby pigs and chicks. As its birthing season the whole farm is currently filled with new borns and if you walk towards the tractor ride there is a whole tent where you can sit on the hay and hold some new baby lambs and other baby animals which is something I haven’t seen at other “farms”.

There is also a section showing the hatching process from egg to chick which I thought was brilliant and Corey especially was so interested in knowing how the chicks were born.

Joined to this area is a guinea pig town! Yes town hah! I thought this area was brilliant, the low walls allow for the smaller children to freely see the animals infact the whole farm not only caters for adults viewing but as you can see derry who’s 2 and a smaller 2 could easily see into all the pens and over the walls which let her feel involved too. The guinea pig area is very well presented. It could like other parts do with a little update but that is not a big deal at all or negative just an observation. The town is built around the room with low walls and they have little houses to live in hah! The animals were all calm and seemed very happy. There is a time when you can sit on the benches in this area where you can hold and stroke the guinea pigs which makes this farm quite unique as the times are regular and every single time I have been there qhas been some where on the site where you can hold the animals including SNAKES!!

Yes you read correct snakes! Corey was not a happy chappy in this part he wanted to keep making sure they couldnt get out the tanks and asked about 100 times hah! It didn’t help we just watch Harry Potter where he makes the glass disappear and the snake escapes hah!  Then as we turned a corner they had snakes out the tank and coreys legs went straight out the door hah! This part is the reptile house and is filled to the brim with spiders, snakes , toads and lizards. I made a friend haha!

Oh before I get into that this is something I always think is brilliant when I visit. As you leave the guinea pigs and enter the reptiles there is a row of large farm sinks, soaps, and paper towels to clean your hands from feeding the goats etc. I think this is such a good idea alot of times when we visit places im wiping the kids hands like mad so knowing this worry has been taken care of and thought about the health and safety aspect is a great bonus for me as parent.

They have alot of range of reptiles in this area and also have a stage area with seating around the room only a small area where I presume they do talks about the animals and get them out of the tanks for showing and allowing children to get up and close to the reptiles. Mark being the kid he is wanted a hold of the snake and Derry was brave enough to give a stroke while daddy held it. 26286295-353A-4E25-B088-BE00538E8E77

The whole area is really well thought out leading from one area to the next. After the reptile house you are led outside to an area which I think is absolutely brilliant. Its an area filled with little ride on tractors for all ages even baby sizes. They have JCB signs all around, little bridges and a tunnel to ride through with seating around for the grown ups to sit and watch. The kids really enjoyed this part and its always been a favourite when we visit. The tractors are well used obviously but still in great condition. Next to this are goats and sheep wondering around and something the kids found so funny was an animals bridge which goes above the footpath allowing the goats to cross. There are plenty of tractors so no waiting unless you go on a busy day. However this is something ive noticed whenever we go. The area is so big that where ever you are inside the farm you don’t feel over crowded which for a autism mum is a MEGA plus!

Everywhere you look there is something to do so its not like you have to walk miles to get to the next attraction like in a theme park or any waiting in queues to get on a slide. Also the whole park is disable friendly, what I mean by that is the whole area is flat and the pathing is also flat with no stairs to climb. My son is also autistic and there isn’t to much noise or over crowding with ALOT of free space to run wild hah! I would highly recommend for any disability families! As you can see mark had just as much fun as the kids and acts like a child too hah! This was on the way to get on the tractor safari!

With it being easter we also saw THE EASTER BUNNY!! The kids were happy to wave from a far but did not want anything to do with the bunny hah! So we gave a wave instead of a photo hah!DCA62E6D-C9CD-4BFD-ABF7-7B88D06B7F08

We climbed onto the tractor and both kids were nervous especially derry she wouldn’t get off nanny hah! Our lovely tractor driver was Steve and he did a great job of telling us all about the history of the surrounding area and farm. The tractor does maybe a 5-10 minute journey around the back/top end of the farm and you get a closer view of some baby lambs with their mothers. The tractor also went through a puddled ditch which Corey thought was the best part.

After we had finished with the tractor ride we headed down to the bouncy castle. Now I do have a slight down side about this part. Now I know this is a safety measure and they are just trying to keep children safe but Corey had talked non stop about one of the bouncy castles with its slide. He has been on these types many times and climbed on for about 5 goes before a man told him needed to be taller and had to come off. Corey broke his heart as the other one only had a baby slide and my heart broke for him it was all he talked about but I do understand they are just being safe but it did really upset him. So if you have children id be aware of the height restriction if you do visit. 733A8BBC-B789-4FC3-ADA8-123D430EC20B

In this area they also have small children rides like tea cups and other mini rides which are all included in the entry fee and free to use with no restriction on how many times you can ride. They also have trampolines, a big sand box with diggers and slides, and little slides and park areas spotted around.


There is also a refreshment stand which was a little on the pricer side. You can purchase ice creams and drinks etc. There is plenty of benches and seating around also alot of grass area for a picnic on the ground. Next to the trampolines there is also a larger play area for bigger children. Something I had noticed on this visit was they seem to be catering alot more for the older child like 8+ years. I had noticed on previous visits that there wasn’t much for older children where as this time I really saw an improvement on that side. They offer laser quest sessions and soon will be opening the escape rooms.


Whilst we were there they also did an Easter egg hunt! We didn’t get involved as we were eating our picnic but there was alot of children having alot of fun. The farm had set up an area with rabbit pictures and inside the field had hidden lots of mini chocolate eggs hundreds of them by the looks of it and the children were running all around the field and adults infact! hah! Having alot fun! All through the day there are activities going on like this and things like the sheep racing so if you do attend have a check when your there on times for games and animal handling etc. 82290F68-F148-40DF-B807-858E3CC3BBF7

Next to this area is a BIG spiral slide,  you sit on a woven mat to go down on and the kids loved it infact my mum and mark also went on it which was hysterical especially my mum she hates things like that but she did it hah! Its quite high and as everyone was pre occupied with the egg hunt there was zero line to go down so Corey kept coming down and back up again. He loved it. My mum did notice that she slid out her mat abit and she could feel the heat on her bottom as she slid down and it also gave her a scrape on her foot from the friction so id make sure your all the way in your mat before going. But I think Corey would say this was the best part of the whole day hah!

Ok I have one MEGA negative and im so gutted I even have a negative because honest to god I love Hatton I think its a beautiful day out and perfect for all ages however this TERRIFIED me! Whenever we have visit I didn’t even realise there was a restaurant or indoor area its kind of tucked away next to the shop so I never new it was there until I saw it online and I thought wow ive never been to that part. They have an indoor play area called slide mania. When I saw it online I thought wow that looks so cool but when I saw it in person wow when I tell you I was sweating I could have swam out there hah! There is one slide and if you’ve been to Hatton you know the dreaded slide im talking about hah! There is a big red slide and when I tell you its high and a STRAIGHT drop down I mean straight drop. I couldnt believe it! and as I saw coreys head pop up at the top I panicked and shout for him to come down. Now im not saying this slide isn’t safe but boy is it scary. I know if it wasn’t safe they would have closed it, just looking at it was enough to scare me to death. They had one lady at the bottom watching but no member of staff at the top so if a child leaned over they would be seriously injured. The slide obviously with gravity slides them straight down but what I thought was abit scary is that there is a set of stairs leading straight to it which a toddler or smaller child could walk up and the rest is unbearable to think about. Next to the slides area is a smaller area for smaller children. They also have a sensory section with bubbles in tubes etc which I thought was very inclusive and nicely thought out. This is all surrounding the restaurant.

As I mentioned there is a few rows of small shops owned by small businesses owners or possibly rented by them but they sell things like homely items, furniture, candles and keep sakes. As well as a cute little sweet shop where they weigh out your sweets like in the older times. They also have a toy shop which is very expensive a small toy that derry chose was £17.99 and we ended up spending quite a bit of money in there that we hadn’t intended to so next time will completely miss out the toy shop unless we win the lottery hah! But all jokes aside it was on the pricier side. The vending machine also charged £2.50 per bottle so I would recommend taking your own drinks and picnic.

During the day they also do magic shows and other fun shows inside the family theatre so check the times as you wonder past. They also have a new swimming pool so if you live close enough check that out for swimming lessons aswell as a children nursery which I thought was amazing! If you live close and will visit a few times a monthly payment is also available for a yearly pass working out to £300 a year.

They have alot of new born little animals so if your planning a visit id highly recommend a visit around this time to see the little ones. Overall my opinion of Hatton is that it is a great place to visit and I would highly recommend it for a lovely day out. They offer so much for children of all ages to do you could easily spend the entire day there we were there 5 hours. I would recommend on checking the weather before hand as alot is based out doors. I think you should pack your own picnic and drinks or have the expectation of spending abit on food and drinks. We have visited Hatton MANY times and we love it! I thought this visit there was actually quite abit more to do or maybe my children are just that bit older to enjoy it more.

Would I recommend Hatton County World – YES!

Is it value for money – Im going to say yes but I would recommend not visiting in school half terms as the price to enter is doubled.

Would I return – YES!!

Thank you to Hatton for inviting us we had a great time as always and we look forward to seeing you again! In collaboration with Coventry bloggers.2E984079-30D1-4231-B3E0-57A7152CAF89

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Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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  1. Great photos 👍 Such a shame they put the price up in the holidays as for a family of five it’s very dear but the kids do love it. Just a note from another autism mum – don’t go in October if your child is upset by people dressed up as they do Halloween in a big way (luckily I phoned first to check and we went somewhere else on that occasion!)

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