Self Care Sundays! – Ep 1

As Mothers we some times forget to take care of us. We run around after the kids all day, housework, jobs, partners, life!  And of course fathers and non parents all spend alot of time helping others and taking care of others and there needs. Wether that be in a work place or at home. This morning I looked in the mirror and sat thinking of the times I would be going on a night out as my 18 year old self I felt like I was 90 not 28 haha! . I would spend the day getting all prepared,  Id have a long bath, soak my skin get all smooth ha! Face mask, hair masks, lashed and tanned. Now I think wow Natalie calm down hah!  I was on the prowl I reckon hah!! Id start my make up hours before taking time to get everything perfect. As I sat in the mirror I honest to god thought wow I havent brushed my hair in over a week hah!! NICE!!! … My skin was dry and aged and my hair dry to snapping point. So I decided today I would spend the day giving myself back some self respect ha! And just make myself feel good! Im going to make this a series on my blog and each Sunday will upload how on that day I have made myself feel good and gave myself some me time and self care! Join with on Instagram with the hashtag #SelfcaresundaysMama!


I was Kindly spent this Rio facial cleansing brush and massager for you face. Ok im going to admit something that is probably terrible for your skin but …. I often when in the bath use a tooth brush and go in around my face, god sake haha! I have wanted and need a facial brush for years and instead ive probably aged my face 30 years! This brush is AMAZING!! I had to take my photos in the livingroom as the bathroom is being decorated hah!

I applied an exfoliating face wash and a drop of water then just turned on the brush and it starts to vibrate. I moved it in a circular motion to lather up the face wash.

Being completely honest I had expect much from it but wow! I use the same face wash everyday and night and I have never got such a smooth feeling afterwards. It honestly shocked me and my partner he felt my face and said im using that tonight ha! SEXY NOSTRIL SHOT THERE NATALIE HA! Corey just announced you have black hairs in your nose so Im now investing in a nose trimmer ha!

finished 2


The brush comes with 4 changeable heads that just click on and off.

The head labeled No.1 is the Ultra Soft brush which is perfect for sensitive skin. The brush gentle lifts and removes dead skin whilst cleaning pores.

No.2 is the roller massager which is ideal for over the face massage and it did feel nice and not to deep so great for bringing blood to the skin area.

The head labeled No.3 Is the precision massager and being completely honest I found this one abit useless. It just doesn’t really have that feel of actually doing anything. I did try with and without moisturiser and I just found it an extra step that isn’t needed. I can see how it is good for the eye area but for me I don’t think ill use it again.

I haven’t showed No.4 very clear in this photo so the pic t the right is on this head. This is used for exfoliation, being completely honest im yet to try this one so maybe ill update it once I have but I can see this working really well especially with beaded exfoliators to get the beads deep over the pores.

Final Thoughts – I really really like it! Ive used it twice today with my morning skin care routine and then tonight when taking off my make up and its worked like a beaut! And even though its only been used twice I can already feel a massive difference in my skin it feels so soft. I often have dry patches but today I don’t have anywhere. The brush gets in all the creases and is also water proof. Its battery operated and very light weight. The cost is £20.00 and can be purchased from Argos.

Thank you Rio for sending me this out to try! I was Kindly gifted this item however all my opinions and views are my own!



Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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