The Dummy Fairy

Today is the day Derry (2) gives up her dummies/ pacifiers. The dummies have been such a big part of our lives with both Corey and Derry using them at some point. I did the same thing with Corey and now its Derrys turn to have the Dummy Fairy visit infact its well over due for her. The dummies are her comfort at bedtimes and times when she’s poorly or sad, but with her started actual primary school nursery its just the right time. It worked perfectly for Corey and im hoping praying wishing it will for derry also.

If you don’t know who the Dummy Fairy is then your missing out on all the fun hah! She is a magical fairy (that I made up obvs ha!) who comes and collects a Childs dummies once they have reached the age of not needing them anymore. I think alot of parents use some form of fairy for this and other things one being obviously the tooth fairy!

Ive been dropping little nudges and hints that the dummy fairy may be coming soon like daily reminders hah! Corey is so excited but I don’t think Derry really understand we’ve been telling her that means no more dummies but I don’t think she’s quite got the idea ha! Derry LOVES her dummy she has done since birth infact she screamed so much her first night in the hospital they went and got me a dummy in the night from the Neo natal care! I know its going to be a battle but im determined to stick to it and pray mark does too!

Tonight when they get in the bath ill put the bag out for Derry to put her dummies into and leave this book / note out.


So thats the little story I wrote for them ha! Along the lines of what the dummy fairy is and what she does plus a little bag. Then we have to pray for dear life she doesn’t scream the house down for hours at bed time hah! But ill put the bag out and walk in as a surprise to us aswell and just play along that she must have came while we were in the bathroom.

Today is a Friday so if your going to attempt to rid of something then I suggest a weekend to give yourself a few days to get into the new routine. I wish I had done it over the easter holidays but hey ho we didn’t so here we are. I went to the pound shop a few days ago and brought some bits that I showed on our channel if you want to have a watch of that haul video. I did go over board as usually but some bits from the video ive put aside for just little treats for good behaviour etc they were only a £1 so not a great expense.

This is what I put in Derrys who has got more little bits and bobs obviously because it is about her. However Corey does also have a bag because as a mum I just could not bare to leave one out plus they are both small so hopefully as they grow the guilt in my sole will fade otherwise birthdays are going to be very expensive ha!

This is what is inside Derrys bag to give you an idea of the things you may want to include. dummy 10


And then in coreys I have less but he does have the punching bag and the only reason he has the bag is because it was 1. it was cheap and 2. its become a big interest for him lately so I thought this was the perfect time to give it him. dummy 9

At bed time we shall make a big deal of putting her dummies in the bag and im debating wether to let her go out in the garden and Hang them on a tree or washing line just for that extra clarification that the dummies are no longer hers or even in the house. Then once they are asleep I shall put there bags out. I brought some little glitter stuff for coreys easter bonnet that I didn’t use so I used them to add to the magic that a fairy visited.

dummy 1

Ill add in a update post on how we get on but if you want to watch it as its happening come over to instagram and follow us there. Ill be posting the night on our instagram stories. I post all day everyday on there so come and join us!

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Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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