The Dummy Fairy – Update!

Hey guys,

As you know we had the dummy fairy visit last night, if you have zero clue what im talking about then have a read here first ha!

While the kids were occupied in their bedroom I snook outside and hung the bag on the washing line then let them discover it themselves. 26CC8A93-2B92-4334-AE80-FBB80141D068

Derry saw it first out the window and shouted “what is that” and because we had been talking about her Corey instantly said ‘ oh my god its the dummy fairy!”. Mark rushed outside to get the bag and the story from inside and the kids were so excited! They sat on the floor while I read them the story I had made for inside. 7e0b1c51-403c-4add-a1fc-aa0cbe4a9b0d.jpeg

At bedtime we did have a few ” I want my dummies” but she still placed them in the bag and daddy took her outside to put on the washing line for the fairy. Then they went to bed at 7pm however around 8 Derry then started whining. She begged for her dummy aswell as trying to self settle. We just tried to support her into self soothing without the dummy or bot bot. When you think she has had a dummy every single night of her life to aid her into sleep and have been her comfort. Its a massive change for her but we made sure to not go in the room because I didn’t want us to become her replace for the dummy. I would now again say ” No more now derry sleep time” or ” close your eyes”. Just enough to let her know it was time for bed but not to encourage a full blown conversation. By 9pm it had gone silent. And then she arrived! 2F65D5FE-D5E9-4D47-9FD5-9CD74E883276

Derry has never slept through the night without a whine or a cry out nothing major but she has never been silent the whole night but to our surprise she was! She slept all night without a peep at all nothing. I even got up at 4 to check her because I was worried why she hadn’t hah! But at 5.30am I heard little voices talking about the dummy fairy so we got up and let them see if she had been to visit. They were so excited they couldnt believe she had actually been inside our home. Derry was beaming she was os proud that she had done it.

Mega warning do not forget to move the dummy bag ha! At 10pm last night mark had to quickly go outside to throw away the dummy bag hanging on the line. That was the first thing they did when they walked in was to check wether the bag had gone!494EAC83-BC46-42E9-B5F3-13D4CC255C54

She had asked once for a dummy when she fell over but once told the dummy fairy had them she hasn’t mentioned it again so im hoping tonight we can at least shorten the whining time to an hour rather than 2 ha!

I would love to hear if you’ve tried the dummy fairy well any fairy to help rid of something.

Nat x


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

One thought

  1. That is such an sweet moment and little ones are amazing. I went a bit drastic and cut it off. She asked for it and when she seen the dummy cut she was disappointed and just said: “Oh, it’s broken!” – during the day she went perfectly fine without it but night times was a bit difficult for about five nights. She was crying for mummy and dummy and daddy and toys. One evening she just said “night night mummy” and that was it


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