Kiss Product – Self Care Sunday Ep 2

kiss flat lay

This week in the Self care series im trying out these gorgeous new products that were kindly sent to me from Kiss! Kiss products allow you to have a salon experience in your own home. They offer a wide range of products from lashes to Gel nails plus more. Now I am definatly not a false lash pro infact im probably in the virgin category ha! I used to in my teens 17-21 age range would wear falsies on my nights out and when I needed to look not look hung over for work the next day ha! Lashes just add that extra bit of glam to a look don’t they. But now being a mum and nearly 30 I just haven’t worn them in a long time. But when I was sent these beauties out I thought why not lets give them ago again!finsihed

I wasn’t going anywhere special but when your feeling abit “eurgh” about yourself slapping abit of make up on can instantly give you a little pick me up. So I did a basic face with some light shadowing of reds and oranges. As you can see from this picture the difference a set of lashes can change your eyes from a zero to a hero in seconds ha!

0E25B0D8-B742-43D2-8C11-D0198C0107F2I decided to try the Naked drama first. They were easy to remove from the packaging ive had issues before trying to remove the lashes from the plastic and ended up breaking them or completely ruining there shaping to fit around the lid. I was also sent out some adhesive glue and I do have a horror story from lash glue ha! I was going on a night out and pre drinks before lashes wasn’t a great idea and not paying attention I managed to glue half my top eye lid down to bottom ha! It did wash off the next day so Im so curios when it comes to the glues I use.

0B6668C5-BB6D-4A53-962C-76E55A55DD73I thought this one came on abit fast but applied well. I think im out of touch slightly so maybe put to much on and I didn’t get it even but the glue does dry clear so wasn’t a biggy. The glue also had a nice scent to it not chemical at all. The unique thing with this adhesive is that it contains aloe vera. 239968AB-D8CD-4EC5-B686-A682F929E7DC

I left the glue to set for 30 – 60 seconds and then using my tweezers applied to my lashes. I did apply mascara to my own lashes being using the false lashes just to give them abit of strength and colour. The lashes applied so easier and the glue had dried clear within a minute or 2 which was great. I don’t have anything negative to say about the lashes at all they wore perfect and lasted all day and I just removed them before bed to wash my face and the glue did leaves abit behind on my lashes but that just washed off easily. Ive asked actually kept the lashes to re use as they stayed in perfect condition. finished edit

I would recommend using eye liner just to cover your seam but mine had ran out so the lash line could be seen but only when my eyes were closed and how often do you just randomly close your eyes while wearing them hah! Id highly recommend Kiss Lashes and will defiantly my future go to for a night out or just a pick me up day! finished 5


I have also today used some of the Kiss imPress Nails that I haven’t tried before. I don’t know what it is about having your nails done it just instantly perks you up doesn’t it? Makes you feel abit glamorous and gives you a nice little boost in confidence. Ive always had my nails done right from around 16 I would get them done in a nail salon with acrylics. The main reason was im a nail biter and a nervous biter so I do it alot some times my anxiety can make me bite till they bleed and are sore! So I would get my nails done so not to bite and it worked for a long time but with life and jobs changes I let it slip plus my nails needed to breathe and get healthy again.

So I was Kindly sent out some nail also from kiss the first said are STUNNING the pink glitter, metallic and matte shades are so gorgeous really up my street. I havent tried theses ones yet but if they are anything like the imPress set they will also be amazing. I have never been a fan on stick on nails at all I found them hard to shape and keep on! But this was along time ago so I thought ill give them a fair shot and put my pass experiences aside. impressed 2

I was pleasantly surprised once out the box at the little extra touches like the cuticle remover and small file. These ones don’t require glue at all but I suppose if your on a night out and you have a casualty you could just glue it back on. These are pre coated in a layer of glue which is covered by a small plastic piece that you just peel off. Super easy and super quick. Also I thought was good is the different patterns and sizes. The variety in sizes is great and if you anything like me you have the weirdest shaped nails ha! To make life that bit easier if your nails on each hand are like sisters and match rather than mine which are like distance cousins of great grandmother ha! The nails are labeled inside with numbers to help you pair and match each hands. Thats if your lucky to not hand gambling hands like me hah! But like I said lots of variety in each pack so definitely will find a match!nail close

Are they durable – Yes, I had mine on for 24 hours and slept in them with no casualties at all. I did have to remove them myself as we were decorating so I think they would have lasted longer.

Are they easy to apply – Yes VERY no mess with glue or waiting for them to dry

Are they easy to remove – Yes very I just peeled them back and then popped off without a problem

Are they reusable – I would say the pre glue will probably wear off if let to sit but of course just give them a wash and re apply some nail glue and your good to go!

DO I recommend YES!

hand finished

Thank you to Alex silver PR and Kiss for these beaut products .

Nat x




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