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Firstly I have recently moved and so my poor dressing table where I keep all my make up, skin cares and perfumes has been very neglected. The draws were rammed and the table top hadn’t even been touched since the day we moved in! So this weekend I sat for 2 hours sorting through the 10 draws of make up and im embarrassed to say even after 2 hours I didn’t finish as there was so much ha! But I did manage to get the table of the dressing table sorted and organised, so now its looking all pretty and inviting! Even with all the make up I had I still find space for new bits as I just have an absolute love for it and can’t control myself apparently ha!

michael buble 2Top of my whats new is this BEAUTIFUL Michael Buble Perfume named ‘By Invitation’.  I can’t even tell you how gorgeous this smells. But before I get into the smell can we just take a moment to appreciate this packaging. Is that not the most elegantly presented bottle. The Gold surround with the glass bottle floating within adds to the aesthetic of elegance. The scent is amazing. I am always honest in my posts probably to much sometimes and although Michael buble is my dream guy and I probably play his Music to much ha! I wouldn’t think his fragrances would be much to talk about. But I honestly was so WRONG.
perfume 1



I was blown away with not only the presentation of the bottle but the actual fragrance is STUNNING. Ive worn this 3 times and every time ive heard  “What are you wearing” and ” You smell beautiful”. Something else I noticed was I sprayed in the morning at 8am and throughout the day the scent kept catching my attention and by 7pm I could still smell the floral notes. It is definitely my new favourite scent and Mark is now very jealous and wants to purchase the Pour Homme. I high recommend giving this a go you won’t be disappointed.

Note from the team –

By Invitation is a crisp floral oriental fragrance. It starts with light, sparkling top notes of red fruits and bergamot, then develops its heart notes of lily of the valley, elegant rose, a wild jasmine and the spicy inflexions of peony. By Invitation then wraps you in a warm base of sandalwood- musk, blended with an addictive vanilla praline


prime finI have the type of skin that just doesn’t get on with primers, ive tried a million and one but for reason it either goes chalky or clogs up the foundations. Im probably doing something wrong but besides the point I just couldnt find one I liked until now! And when I tell you I love this I adore it. Its from Primark and I was so beyond shocked that Primark even did make up? I haven’t been for a while but I got some right bargains from there so if you haven’t go check them out! Its £5 so very affordable and you only need a tiny amount. Its very thick so a small pump go along way but it doesn’t feel heavy to the skin. I placed it over my T Zone and it dried quite quickly. I would honestly buy this by the gallon to make sure it doesn’t sell out ha! It has a beautiful kiwi scent and dries down so smooth. Let me know if you’ve tried any other Primark beauty products because Im for sure going to be having another look and see what other items they do!



Next is this NYX can’t stop won’t stop foundation. I have a very pale skin tone like shade “death” ha! I can’t actually tell you the shade because ive either ripped it off or it doesn’t say but it says 20 on the base if that helps and it was the lightest tone on offer in Boots. I go through so many foundations its ridiculous. Not because I wear or use it but because im a sucker for it. I just collect them and love trying new ones so currently have 11 on the rotation (ha) ranging from Charlotte tilbury to Rimmel. This one was £15 and I just grabbed it while out shopping. It states full coverage but I don’t think it is. It gives a nice cover but to me it was full more medium to light. I applied with a beauty blender though so may differ depending on the applicator. Its a nice tone and set well, it stated 24 hour but I wore for 5 and it didn’t become cake like or wear off to much it also blended nicely with powders. Id give it out of 10 maybe 6? But if your looking for full cover anything foundation I wouldn’t go for this one however if your looking for everyday wear id say give it a go.


nyx 2Another NYX product is this bare with me which is a multitasker spray. Im always abit dubious about spray that claim to set and prep at the time aswell as a million other things but as always I gave it ago. I didn’t actually use it to prep as a primer but as a setter. It has a pleasant scent not to over powering. It claims it can minimise pure, refresh the skin, gives the skin a glow, helps make up last and smooths the skin. Thats alot of things ha! I don’t have anything dramatic to say about it I didn’t hate it or love it screaming from the roof tops. I didn’t know a difference in skin smoothness or pore but it did help lock in my make up. I think its a reasonable price at £10 for what it claims and what I feel it helped with.


make up new_Fotor

As much as I love Benefit I did not get on with this mascara which makes me so sad! I wanted to love you so badly ha! This is the benefit BADGal Bang mascara. I found this so hard to work with. I like a mascara to be light and to build up and to have abit of control over where and how much product comes on to the lashes. With this one I found it quite thick and hard to be accurate on where I wanted the product. Some people may love this and be the kind they like but for me it was to much bang! ha! This retails for £22 which I think is very pricey for a mascara.


IMG_1638_FotorAnd lastly is this hah! Poor little beauty blender on his own. This actually came in a big pack from Primark with 15 others in to and 2 different styles in colour orange and pink for £8. I had intended on buying a higher end blender but saw this so decided to give them ago. They are slightly firmer but with some breaking in they will be perfect! Again blown away buy primarks beauty range!


So that is it for whats new on my dressing table I think ill make this a monthly feature on the blog! Thank you to the team at Fragrance Group London for sending out the stunning perfume!

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Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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