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As always I am completely honest in all reviews and opinions on my blog regardless of collaborating with a brand. I was approached by dodo to give just that, an honest review.

So being honest I hadn’t heard of DoDo I had presumed they were a new restaurant just within my city but wow I was wrong they actually have branches around the world which surprised me. In our household we are pizza lovers but we tend to stick to the same brands and never differ from that so to give them a fair trail and review we had been given 5 pizzas to try out.

Something I had noticed on the site there isn’t an option to add toppings to already set out pizzas. There are 21 pizzas to choose from which sounds alot but if you don’t like a certain topping or youd like to add on something that option isn’t available. There is the option to remove certain things like onions or peppers but you can only remove things that are pre loaded with a cross to take off. I would have liked an option to add in mushrooms or pineapple to a pizza. Also there isn’t an option to build your own from scratch you have to choose from their pre loaded pizzas. I can see the reasoning behind this though as the pizzas are made and out quite quickly and I think due to the technology in the process it may confuse the process if there is a 100 different toppings being added or removed. It honestly wasn’t a big deal just an observation. I also noticed there is a great variety of veggie pizzas.

We placed our first order and then I was blown away by this next step.

dodo pic

Once your order is placed you can then sit and watch your order being prepared and made! This is live footage from the restaurant how amazing is that! Not only can you see into the kitchen to see the process but it also give you peace of mind knowing that the standard in the kitchen for example cleanliness etc is of a high standard. The footage does cut of now and again to regain a stronger connect but its only for a few seconds at a time. Next to the footage you can also view the process of preparing your pizza and what stage you are in the queue. That is something I have NEVER seen with any other take away!

Our first delivery from placing the order to being delivered was around 45 minutes which is very quick in my opinion. The driver did have abit of issue finding us and he had to ring me a couple times but he got here in the end ha! And so we had our first order! pizza 1

With pizzas we as a family don’t like when a base is soggy, doughy or thick. And I was so glad that these pizzas were exactly not that ha! They were thin crust on a gorgeous dough piping hot and cooked perfectly!

pizza 2

We firstly ordered The Canon Ball and the DoDo pepperoni 14″ costing £14 each. I hadn’t expected them to big so big each with 10 slices so we could have as a family of 4 easily had one between us all. As you can see they came with plenty toppings and cheese. Corey is 5 and is VERY particular on his food especially pizzas so I hadn’t expected him to even try it but he did and he’s told the whole world about this pizza ha! He was like a hoover with it he really really enjoyed it, we all did. Honestly if you have DoDo in your area give them a try you won’t be disappointed!

pizza 3

On our next order we did have abit of an issue. We placed our order at 11.30am as I wanted to try them midday instead of late evening time to see if the quality changed or anything. So we placed our order and I waited around 20 minutes when I received a call. I couldnt hear what the person was saying after calling 3 times I texted the number asking who they were etc I then saw a men on the dodo screen pick up a mobile so I realised it was them ha! He let me know they couldnt delivery my order as they had an issue with the driver so could I collect which I couldnt so my order was cancelled but these things happen.

I replaced my order that night and had zero issues. I was actually glad they hadn’t delivered as by the time we did order we were all hungry and enjoy it even more. I have to say if you are going to order try the Chicken Club  Absolutely beautiful! Instead of the marina sauce it has a white creamy sauce and wow by far by favourite. ( I don’t have a picture of this because as mark walked in the door he dropped the box so it wasn’t presented great thanks to mark ha! )

The dough on all the pizzas has a gorgeous texture and its cooked perfectly. All the toppings were perfect too and I honestly will order from here rather than the leading brand. I honest to god prefer these pizzas over any leading brand we’ve tried the quality is amazing and over the 5 pizzas we tried the quality or standard did not lower once. The pizzas arrived piping hot and tasted gorgeous.

Thank you to DoDo Pizzas for partnering with us and Coventry bloggers.

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