Ocean D’Argan | Crystal Pearl Eye Contour

I was kindly sent out this eye contour gel and lip balm duo from Ocean D’argan priced at £29.75 currently on Amazon.

Note from the creator –

  • BEST ACTIVE INGREDIENTS give you noticeable results.Treat the problem from the root up: Argan Oil, Caviar Extract, Vitamin E and Arnica work together to instantly soothe the eye contour area and reduce wrinkles and fine lines to give you perfect eyes

  • INSTANTLY IMPROVED SKIN, Perla D’argán is a lightweight eye gel that absorbs quickly without stickiness or greasy residue. Skin is left smooth and hydrated without feeling oily or sticky. Use day or night as part of your beauty regime

  • ANTI AGING PROPERTIES – Best eye cream for Bags, Dark Circles, Wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes. Your skin will look brighter, refreshed and moisturised making you look younger. You deserve rejuvenated, healthy skin that glows.


crystal pearl 1


I just wanted to put a some disclaimer that yes I was gifted this product in exchange for a review and I will always be honest in my reviews wether I enjoy a product or not regardless of gifted and all opinions are my own.

Firstly with this product can we just a moment to appreciate the ascetics of this gel. I had to take a second third and forth look at the gel because it honestly looks like there is a blue light inside! The gel is presented so beautifully inside with a spiral silver ting inside. I honestly have never seen a gel or any product with this inside so this is very unique to this product. The package had a limited time offer on receiving a Pure Argan oil balm free. crystal pearl 2

The gel itself doesn’t have a scent as such. The jar contains 0.5 fl.oz and has caviar and argan with in it. I have to be completely honest and say I didn’t really enjoy the product which is such a shame, I think from the appearance of the gel I had expected more from it. For some reason I don’t know if its my skin type but the gel didn’t really sink into my skin more so sat on it. Once it did eventually dried which was a while it left my eye area feeling tacky and it almost felt not dry and abit greasy which is such a shame! I don’t know wether this is because of my skin type or this is how the gel is suppose to be but for my I like cream and gels to soak into the skin and feel smooth and soft rather than abit tacky and cool.

pearl 3

The small pot of balm smells AMAZING its so citrus and bursting with orange scent. It only takes a small light swipe over the balm to get enough to apply for the lips. I have really enjoyed the balm and it has left my lips feeling so hydrated and smooth.

pearl 2

My overall opinion is that the eye contour is beautifully presented however it didn’t match well with my skin type but thats not to say it wouldn’t with an others. I found it sat on the skin and kept a damp tacky feeling longer than I would prefer. I did tried the contour cream on my partners skin and he also felt the gel left a wetness to the skin which if you were to use as part of a night skin routine may be an issue for the gel transferring to the bedding.

If you’d like to give the gel ago it can be purchased here. Currently priced at £29.75 as of 30/05/19.

In collaboration with the lovely team at Creative Bloggers Connected.

Thank you to Ocean Dargan for sending me out this product.








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