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Skin Care is a massive love of mine! Ive always exfoliated and moisturised my whole body since a teenager and Im always on the look out to change up my skin habits. I often think our skin can become so used to the same products its nice to change it up abit. I go from oils, creams and balms trying the latest trends and oldest of tricks and tips and I recently found a new love in the skin care routine game which is Freshly cosmetics.

freshly 2I was Kindly sent this trio from Freshly Cosmetics rightfully named The Body Essentials Pack | Detox Body Pack. Containing the Nourishing shower Gel, Revitalizing Body Scrub and Body Flame Firming Cream.

Firstly who are freshly cosmetics and what makes them unique? Heres what they have to say –



All Freshly products contain more than 99.0% high-quality natural ingredients, with exceptional concentrations of innovative natural and organic active ingredients. We always respect the standards of natural cosmetics. It’s not just natural, it’s Freshly.


Free of parabens, silicones, sulphates, petroleum derivatives, dyes and synthetic perfumes.


None of our products have been tested on animals.


We are constanly exposed to toxins. Detoxify your skin with the purifying effect of natural ingredients such as fucus algae and rooibos tea.


Our products are suitable for vegans. None of our products contain animal-derived ingredients.


We are committed to the environment, hence our packaging is made out of aluminium, which is reusable and 100% recyclable


Firstly how refreshing is it to see a company not only caring what goes into their products and how they are made but also what happens to the environment with 100% recyclable packaging. I think alot of brands could take a leap out of Freshly’s book and I feel like Freshly could becoming a big game player in the cosmetics game leading the way for other brands to change up there ways.

The trio is made to work as a whole routine to clean, exfoliate and firm the skin. Retailing at £48.00. Something I did notice was the expiration date of all 4 products I tried was 6 months which is slightly less than other brands an products which are usually at least 12 months, just something to bare in mind



The first in the process is this nourishing shower gel which comes in the form of a pump bottle. Unfortunately the pump on my bottle just didn’t work I don’t know why but it was no trouble to undo the cap and tip onto my hand. I have to tell you the scent in this is INCREDIBLE. The citrus and orange scent just flows out the bottle and I could honestly smell this for hours on my skin. I was surprised when I smelt the citrus scent as the front says with avocado so I was expecting a more earthy scent but it was defiantly a happy surprise. The labelling on the back states it is blended with high quality citrus oils , avocado oils, oats and organic aloe to really nourish the skin. A small amount goes a long way and the gel lathers up beautifully with its natural foaming agents.  I really enjoyed this product.



This one is defiantly my favourite!! I love a good body scrub and I love when the scrub actually has bits that you feel brushing the skin and gently removes the dead skin. That didn’t sound very well put but I can’t think of any other way to put it ha! I just love when a scrub or exfoliator is actually working and has that grittiness to it. Some people prefer less gritty I am a person that loves a good amount of exfoliating agents. In the case of this scrub the “gritty bits” are raspberry seeds! Oh the packaging actually puts in a much better way than “dead skin”, it says to aid cell renewal. Thats a much better way to put it ha!


D44A4B40-6344-4324-8487-321FB154ABB2The scent of this is subtle but is made up of raspberry, avocado and jojoba oils. Its a fresh and fruity scent that leaves the skin smelling and feeling beautiful.

I really enjoyed this one and it honestly left my whole body feeling so smooth and baby fresh.


I have to say although ive had products with scents before obviously, the scents in these products are just different. They aren’t artificial smelling at all, I think if someone covered my eyes I would defiantly without a doubt think I was smelling oranges or peaches and not a product. They smell so fresh and clean like ive been rubbing peaches over my body ha! I wish I could insert a snip test ha!

IMG_2310_FotorSo this one is probably my favourite scent! Its so peachy perfect I just love it. Every time ive used this everyone in the house has said something like ” wow you smell so nice” and I honestly do!! This one is the Body Flame Firming Cream. Something im not quite sure about is the bottle says ” With Dragons eye active?”,   I have no idea what that is I feel like im being really silly not knowing if thats an actual ingredient ha! So if you know leave us a comment!.

I have been using this on and off for 2 weeks on all areas and I haven’t noticed a difference in cellulite reduction or skin firming but I have noticed it has made my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth. I really love it.


This is also from Freshly Cosmetics but isn’t apart of the Body essentials pack however was also Kindly gifted to me for review. 

This is the Golden Radiance Body Oil retailing for £23.00. I am big oil fan I think it give the skin a good drink basically! My face routine always includes an oil but I never usually go for oils on my body unless is on a holiday. I would say im abit of an oil know it all and I always try go for the best ingredients to not damage my skin and to get the most results from the oil. This one contains 100% natural and plant derived oils including chia seeds, hazelnut and rosehip oils plus many more. The scent isn’t over powering and has sweetness to it. The oil itself is on the thicker side and applies lovely to the skin and a small amount goes a long way.

Again I didn’t notice a reduce in cellulite but I did notice a small break out of spots around my nose area which isn’t usual for me. But can always be expected when changing from one product to another. I do have larger pores around my nose so I wouldn’t say this was the oils doing more a change of products. I would say I have sensitive skin and the oil claims to be suitable for sensitive skin.

freshly 1_Fotor


My overall experience of the products ive tried from freshly Cosmetics are I really enjoyed them. I think the scents are so delicately fruity and have left my skin feeling radiant and smelling good enough to eat! I would recommend giving them ago!

If youd like to check out Freshly Cosmetics click here 

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