What Have We Been Up To!

Hey guys hope you are all well? I would say and enjoying the weather but here in the UK lately we seemed to have lost the sun all together its literally rained for 9 days straight all day non stop but to be honest I like it like this now and again. Having cosy rainy days in with movies cosy in the warm, however the kids have been going abit stir crazy.

I haven’t gave a family update for a while so thought id give a little run down on some bits and pieces over the last month or so. So we did have a nice few sunny days a few weeks ago so we have been to a few local parks but one Sunday was particularly sunny so we went for a walk to a park we hadn’t been to before about 20 minutes walk away. It was a lovely sunny day so we walked very slowly playing games along the way and the kids were hopping in and out the pushchair and even shared it at some points hah! It was such a lovely park and afterwards we called at local bakery and picked out some cakes to have once home returning home to a lovely roast dinner it was a really lovely day.

Another thing that happened over this same week was Corey received his first black eye. A quick run down of our housing situation. We live in a communal block of 6 apartments very beautiful quiet and friendly. There is a row of 3 blocks attached together all with families with children and we have a very larger communal garden plus our own smaller garden for personal use. Well every weekend all the children are out there playing together so with so many kids all being together arguments are bound to occur.I have always been a parent to say if someone is hitting you then tell a gown up wether that be at home or school. But Corey who is 5 and a very sensitive and kind child also having autism had been taking some stick of a boy maybe 2 years older for weeks. I had been telling this said boy to back off but he still kept going at Corey and I felt this was going to lead to him hitting him. I told Corey he hits you then you hit back and harder! You never hit first only defend yourself. We sat for a good hour+ talking about it and the next day this boy punch Corey in the face giving him black eye but Corey didn’t cry he just punched back harder and split the boys lip who then cried and ran away. FD8167D7-6D0B-4C89-8D73-ABF072E90B0D

Corey came in the house and told me with tearing eyes what happened and said ” I did mum I stood up to him I didn’t cry infront of them all” . He was so proud of himself for finally stopping the boy. I was so proud of him and the boy has not dared to bully him again. Sometimes a bully will never stop until they are shown the same lesson back. I don’t condone violence but I will forever be in my Childs corner to defend themselves.


We have all been really ill over this month I had a bad throat infection that left me bed bound for 4 days I count even get water past my throat is was the illest I have been in years and years I didn’t eat for 4 days and the stomach cramping from pure hungry was agony aswell as thrown up it was seriously awful. The kids too have been ill on and off and Corey currently has tonsillitis. We all have crap immune systems and once one person has caught something is passes around us all and back again! The joys of having small school aged children.


We’ve had lots of fun memories too one that stands out for me was one Saturday night after the kids had played out from 9am to 6pm only coming inside for food id put them to bed at 7 and as I sat here I thought wow I haven’t hardly seen them today and I could hear them talking in their room so I snuck in and said lets get up and have a late movie night. They shot out there beds so excited, mark rushed the shop and brought snacks and ice blasts and we all got under a blanket and watched a movie together. Such a small memory they may forgot but I won’t it brightened my heart and burned into my sole as a happy time.


Derry also met her new school teachers who came to the house to visit her and she instantly connected with which I was so pleased about as she has lately become abit shy and lost her confidence abit which I think it just age related. She’s also left her private nursery as of this week so we can start pushing the tolieting on her more she is only 3 well turning 3 in July but she has a big fear of the toilet after Corey flushed it once with her sat on it. So we are really trying to push it now ready for starting school nursery in September. We took her on her very own shopping trip for underwear where the kid showed us she can shop! Wow can she! She was in her element putting shoes, sun glasses and make up in her basket spending over £150 ha! But it was so lovely to see her having so much fun with some one on one time with us while Corey was at school.


Corey is also doing great at school and last week got a henna tattoo in school which he was so chuffed about. He’s so excited for Derry to start at his school even though he won’t see her as they have separate play grounds but he’s excited for her to be going in a uniform like him ha!.


So thats about it for any updates I think, just a little run down of what we have been up to these past few weeks. Have you been anywhere nice or made any cute memories. Come and follow us over on instagram to see us daily in our stories. Heres a little cute video I caught of derry doo! Speak soon x


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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