Whats New On My Dressing Table – July


Hey guys! I did this post last month and alot of you loved it, it had over 500 views within 24 hours, so I thought id make this a series and so here is this month.

All of these items bar 1 were purchased in Primark. The one that isn’t is actually a bonus feature to this post. I had intended to use this in a males version of this post but the items we received weren’t enjoyed at all by Mark (My Partner) but this one was and is a MEGA hit and it is Michael Bubles Pour Homme. buble finished

When I tell you Mark has fallen in love with this I really mean it and so have i. Do you ever smell a scent on your partner that literally makes your heart flutter and you just fancy your partner even more. Well this is that scent for me. Whenever Mark wears this I literally get butterflies I have no idea why. It is such a gorgeous fragrance and I wish you could do a sniff test through the screen.buble2_Fotor

Mark is a scent lover and we always go for the designer labels and I never thought mark would convert away from them, however Mr buble has changed my man haha! Words I never thought Id hear mark say ” Could I have another Michael buble for my birthday”. Give it ago it is a stunning manly scent. Retailing for £33 from amazon.



This palette retails for £8 from primark.I have to be completely honest I just never have expected much from primark items and Im blown away by the beauty range in primark. They have really really upped there game across the whole store but the beauty game just stepped up to another Level. My local primark which is coventry has a small corner of the store with all beauty items and the value for money with the quality of the products was a real surprise to me. This Palette is named ‘Desert Queen”. How beautiful are these colours and the pigment is so good id expect this to be within something like a morphe pan. They blend beautifully and for £8 im over the moon with this I can’t recommend this enough. I did buy a few other palettes also that again have been a pleasure to use and try out. The Nudes pan was I believe £4 and the Suede pan wasalso £8 maybe £10. Great pigment and I would definitely think they were from a bigger branded name if I hadn’t of known where they were brought from.

I would definitely get yourself into your local primark and have a nosey into the beauty range. From brushes to products even make up storage they have a fabulous range. Pat on the back for the Primark team!



Next is this weird looking thing ha! I actually didn’t know what is was but thought for £2 it was a bargain whatever it was ha!


Its a full Face Gel mask with Velcro straps to the back and is reusable which I thought for £2 was a right barg! Inside the mask has small gel balls that move around to touch its more like a stress ball kind of feeling I couldn’t stop squeezing it around ha! I don’t honestly think it has any benefits but it feels nice and like I’m turning back the wrinkle clock. It is suppose to go in the fridge for 2 hours and then it states to not wear for longer than 20 minutes. I used it in the bath and it honestly did feel lovely with a hot bath and cool face it was nice. Ive used it twice and I well chuffed with my little face mask even if it is doing naff all! ha!

IMG_2378_FotorI also picked up these 2 little fun masks. I havent actually used these yet but the mask itself is in the characters face for example the Minnie mask is Minnies face and so on. They had a wide range of Disney characters which is another thing primark have jumped into as in the Disney ranges and things like Harry Potter. They are currently filled with toy story 4 items which Corey is over the moon about! They have a fabulous Disney range


We all love a good highlighter to reflect those cheek bones and nose ends well I know I do anyway for my non existent cheek bones that is ha! This little compact highlighter is abit for me like an eye shadow I find it slightly tacky I don’t know why its applying like that but it has that denseness to it which is abit too much for me. I like a light dusting adding some shimmer and this one is abit heavy for me but infact it may be my skin type so I would give it ago for the price of around £2 why not! Give it ago and see how you get on with it.IMG_2386_Fotor


This one is something ive been meaning to pick up and this one is perfect to hold back your hair while doing your make up. It has wire inside the ends like a bra underwire allowing you to twist the ends together rather than tying a knot. I was abit confused by the wire when I first felt it but once out the packaging it made alot more sense and its definitely the most comfortable tie back ive had. I hated when I would be going out and do my hair then put on a head band messing up my hair while doing my make up but this doesn’t need to go over your head just untwist the wire. Its also very comfortable to wear. I had put a hair mask in my hair and I used this to sleep in and it was so comfortable. I believe this was around £2-£3. IMG_2381_Fotor


This little kit reminds me of Kylie Comestics brand and even the packaging I thought was abit to like it hah! They had some kits that had the same drip effect as kylies brand which I thought was abit risky as they were actually SO alike. This little set comes with a liner and 2 glosses one shiny and one matte. They had a lot of shades on offer and in varies bundles such as lip liner and matte or just a gloss or like this with all 3. This was around £3 which again is mega value for money and no where near the price of a Kylie lip! IMG_2380_Fotor

And lastly not so much a cosmetics product but a great addition to any dresser. A gorgeous smelling reed diffuser. This one was £3 also from Primark. A simple clean design that looks and smells more than its price. Its lovely scent and lasts for 8+weeks. Ive placed mine next to my window and the scent has been filling my bedroom everyday especially when the window is open and a breeze is flowing in. Reed diffusers if you don’t know are small glass pots with bamboo sticks that go into the oil or scent and allow the scent to gradually fan out. IMG_2388_Fotor


The sponges I had also brought in the first whats new so didn’t bother talking about those again. If you want to have a read of what was in episode 1 click here.

Sorry I can’t link any products other than The scent as Primark is yet to have an online shop and I think id go bankrupt if they did hah!

Are you enjoying this series? Do you have a Primark? I bet you don’t love Mr buble as much as me? Leave us a comment.

Have a fab day!


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Thank you to the brands who sent out some of the items!

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