Zuru Smashers Dino Eggs! – Review


As you can see these 2 were very egg-citied (see what I did there) about these new Smashers eggs especially with the New Epic Dino Egg! We were kindly sent these to try out and give our opinion on, and as always regardless of working with a brand we always give 100% honest opinions on our reviews! So lets get into the fun…

If you don’t know what a smashers egg is your not alone because I hadn’t heard of these either, however Corey had and he literally burst when he saw we were trying these out! Smashers are fun eggs which you smash open to find the surprise figure inside which you can collect and trade with others. The eggs are rebuildable so can be smashed time and time again. However the New Epic Dino Egg is filled with activities inside like slime, sand and other materials which ill show below. Inside the slime etc is a hidden body part to make up a Skeleton dino!…


Corey was soo excited about this and knew all about it so he wanted to get straight into smashing open the egg. I have to be honest im not a fan of these big eggs I always feel the content never matches up to the pricing HOWEVER I was over the moon with this one. It wasn’t just an open and done kind of toy, we literally spent an hour together having so much fun. So inside includes: Epic Dino Egg shell, Dino Egg Yolk Bag, Scratch Map, 5x Compounds, 6x Smash Eggs w/rebuilder, Digging Tool and Exclusive Smash-o-saur Dino. 

The compounds are things like putty and slime plus my favourite was the fizzer! A digging tool is also inside to help you dig out the bones to create your skeleton dino.

Inside the mini smasher eggs is the fun little characters to be swapped and collected. I was seriously surprised with how much was inside the epic egg and so was Corey as you can see ha! We got set up at the table and began to uncover our bonie new dino friend. Coreys favourite was of course the slime haha! Derry loved the ice age putty because it contained glitter and sparkly snow flakes!


I loved that the compounds were interactive so you had to dig out the bones were really enjoyed seeing what body part was coming next. Ill be honest with the Fizzer I wasn’t sure if this was a “bath bomb” or you needed a bowl of water I think that could be labelled abit better because I was considering doing it in the bath but then thought it may not be for that so we chose to do it in the bowl just incase. But boy did it fizz hah! It even had steam coming out just like lava and we were all amazed by it, was definitely very sciency and cool! (well hot 😉 )


The Epic egg is £24.99 to purchase and I 100% think it is definitely worth that price point. I was surprised it wasn’t more to be honest with home much content there was to play with and I would definitely Pay that for it. I can see this being on alot of Christmas lists this year. It is available from 12th July in all good leading retailers including Argos,b&m, Asda etc…


Something else I thought was cool is inside each pack is your collectors guide to keep track of which characters you have so far or there is also a cool app available so you can virtually interact with your characters and earn smash points to become the ultimate smasher!!


also available is the smashers 8 pack containing 6 eggs and 2 characters. And the Smashers dino egg tin to house all your new friends.

Coreys Thoughts – ” I loved this I thought it was very fun with lots of things to play with, look how cool it all was. Santa will need to bring alot of these at Christmas for everyone. I liked the slime oh and the rock where we had to scratch and dig out the bones. I like throwing things it was fun to throw the eggs like real eggs” haha BOYS!!…

The Epic egg will make a perfect gift or treat over the holidays and will keep the kids busy for hours!.

Want to know more head here to the website.


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