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Hey guys we are very excited to review the newest addition to our family which is a cute scruff-a-luv animal and babies. As always although the items were gifted to us in exchange for a review BUT our opinions, reactions and thoughts are all our own and are not influenced on the fact this is a gifted item. So with that being said lets get into the review!

s2This toy is right up Derry’s (3) street! She is a massive animal lover and she’s at the age now where she wants to play mummy to everything like dressing and feeding bottles so I knew she was going to adore this!

I hadn’t heard of a Scruff-a-luv before this review so I really didn’t know what kind of toy it was. So basically you have rescued this animal and her babies. She’s very matted and she’s hiding cuddled inside her paws her babies which can either be twins or rare triplets. There is also hidden treasures to help you care for the mummy and her babies such as a brush, bottle, clothing and a birth certificate. s3

As you can see here the mummy which is the pink ball is curled up protecting her babies.   I was abit confused when I lifted this out as to why her fur was so matted and I had to have a quick check of the instructions to make sure this was how she was supposed to be hah! We realised we had to bath her and this bit really excited Derry she couldnt wait to give her a bath and discover the babies. Hidden behind each number is one of the treasures which is a nice added excitement instead of them just being in the box, so I thought this was a good idea. s8

We got out a bowl and tried to wash mummy cat but it was actually harder than I thought the fur was quite stuck together which is how its supposed to be and part of the game of rescuing her but we actually couldn’t do it in a bowl hah! We also tried to blow dry her hair afterwards as I thought this might loosen up the hair abit but that didn’t really work either. A quick read in the little picture booklet and it gave a tip of the washing machine which we did! She’s currently drying so we shall see by the end of this review how well it worked.s10

Our hidden babies were twins and they don’t come needing to be washed they are smooth and don’t need to brushed like the mama cat which I was secretly glad about haha!

A nice added touch to the babies is they have small hearts on their belly and if you wet your finger and wipe the heart it will reveal wether your baby is a boy or a girl and we got one of each! Derry named them squish and squash hah! s9


Squish and Squash also come with their very own little tops and a collar with tag for mummy cat.

Both the kids really enjoyed caring for them and we as a family together all got into the story and we made up stories of how they are been trapped in a box in the rain and we had rescued them and needed to get them all better and clean. The kids both loved this and we spent about an hour washing drying and playing along with the story.

This toy retails for £29.99 which I think is a fair price for whats included. I enjoyed the toy also but I do think the mummy cat was abit to matted and flat. Im hoping once dry she will be less matted and fluffed up abit. I think the idea of having to rescue them and care for them is a lovely idea especially for animal lovers rather than just being a standard feeding and dressing role play you have to actually get involved and proactively get the mummy looking nice.


Ok so the mummy cat has dried and I myself have sat for around 30 minutes trying to neaten up the hair etc but unfortunately I just can’t get her looking like you’d expect a brand new toy to look which if id have paid full price for I would be abit saddened about. As you can see she doesn’t look like a new toy at all which is a shame and she looks slightly angry haha! However Derry is happy with it, we enjoyed the role playing and building up the story together which is all that matters.Image

This is available at most leading stores such as Argos, Smyths, Entertainer, Very and Amazon plus more. Suitable for 3+years.









Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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