Laura Ashley Tea Room Coventry | Review


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the new Laura Ashley Tea Room in Coventry. My entire life ive walked past this building daily but had never been inside. It has been taken over by Laura Ashley with rooms available to stay in aswell as the tea room I visited. If im being completely honest I hadnt expected such a beautiful building inside but it actually blew me away! Inside the reception area it is beyond beautiful with dark wood, a grand stairway with rich red carpet and chandeliers, the whole feel is of luxury and I can’t tell you enough just how spectacular the interior is, it has to be seen to truly understand the graduator of it. I did take a picture of the upstairs but even this doesn’t capture the beauty enough.laura10

We were greeted at the door and taken up a beautiful stair case to the Tea Room. I had at first thought we were being taken to what seemed like a bedroom but once the door opened it was a bright stunning room with a few tables dotted around the room. The interior inside the tea room is very typical of the Laura Ashley design with all the Cups plates etc being designed by Laura Ashley too. The room has a elegant feel to it as does the whole hotel. The bright white table cloths and matching chairs lift the room and a full length window gives the room so much air and light it truly is stunning and i bet if you visit the first thing you say is “wow” . laura 1

Something I instantly thought was this would be a beautiful location for a wedding, and the tea room would be perfect for something like mothers day or even a baby shower. After we were seated a waitress came to greet us and I am so mad at myself for not taking her name because she was so friendly, cheerful and happy to accommodate our questions, I really wish I had got her name because she was so lovely.  She explained the menu and how it all works and then took our order of which tea we would like as there is a choice of around 8 different types plus coffee. We just went with the traditional English breakfast tea. laura6

The tea was brought to us within a few minutes and with this we were given these little pate tasters that I could have literally ate a whole plate of, myself and my niece who I took along with me really enjoyed these and both agreed we could have had alot more it was so fresh and tasty! laura8

The waitress then brought in the tea tray stand and I was blown away by how beautiful it was all presented. I can honestly say there was not one single thing we didn’t enjoy. The sandwiches were fresh and very nice however our favourite was the scones. They were still warm inside and the cream and jam that was brought along with them were gorgeous. They also had 2 different types of scones 2 with raisins and 2 without which I thought was a nice added bonus especially for people who don’t like raisins having another option. laura4

The cakes were all chilled and I honestly mean it when I say they were probably the freshest and nicest cakes ive ever had. The flavours were so light and beautiful I wish I could add in a taster section to this for you to try yourself hah! We were both in heaven with the whole thing.


Another thing I noticed while there was a table behind us had ordered the Childs version and even that came out beautiful with fruit kebabs and mini treats. I will definitely be taking my children for a little treat here because the food, the experience and the staff were outstanding. The adults Afternoon tea is £20 and the Children’s £10 which I think is an amazing price and well worth it.

If you are in an area close to the Laura Ashley Tea Rooms linked here  I highly recommend you give them a try because I know you won’t be disappointed especially if you visit the Coventry one as the whole hotel is beyond anything I expected. The gardens also have a nice added touch especially for a wedding with a rope swing on a tree and band stand. I can’t recommend this enough and I can’t wait to return! Hopefully next time ill be staying over night and can enjoy the luxury abit more!laura5

Thank you to Laura Ashley for inviting me and gifting me the Tea experience. As always regardless of a collaboration my opinions and reviews are always honest and truthful good or bad I never take payment for positive feedback.



Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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