Back To School & Autism Issues

Hello guys how are you all? All well I hope!? Its been a while since I sat down and gave a small life update I often forget that not everyone follows us over on instagram where I daily story our life and that you as a reader may not be updated on our lives. Well we made it through the Summer holidays and I was actually really sad at how fast the school holidays past us by. This year Corey (5) entered into his second year in the education journey into year 1 and Derry (3) started in Corey schools as a Nursery pupil which is still half days but she gets to wear a cute little uniform.

We had a massive mum fail last week on the day before starting back at school. I had assumed Derry and Corey both went back on the same day so we spent the day hyping them up with the excitement and at bedtime Derry even begged to sleep with her school shoes on her pillow. I then got out her paperwork to realise she didn’t start for another week! I felt terrible and had to go into her room and explain so that she didn’t wake up expecting school but she was good about it and was happy to just wear her school shoes to drop Corey off. IMG_0064

IMG_0060The morning came and off we went to take Corey. Ive talk previously on a post about Our beginning into the education system which you can read here and here for Coreys first week last year.  Corey is awaiting an autism assessment which you can also read about here but Im always nervous of change with him and how he will cope. Not only him but his new teacher having to learn his ways and all about him aswell as 30+ other children. He was so excited to go and his first day went great. I mentioned to his teacher id like a little chat and explained why and I was amazed within 3 hours a special needs teacher within the school rang me to talk about things and how they could get him abit of help within class. All within 3 hours of being back from the big summer break. I was really impressed by it. I couldnt wait to pick him up. He had a great day and came out of full of stories about his day and derry really missed him after spending the 7 weeks together. IMG_0063

Something over the years ive picked up with Corey is sometimes he can become over stimulated through the day and it builds up to a massive melt down, not just within school but home to. If he doesn’t throughout the day have a quiet hour or calm time he will eventually explode into an emotional wreck. I once read something about autism that really stuck with me as it fits perfectly for Corey. Imagine a coke bottle is an autism child and every time there is a loud noise, excitement, sadness, plans change, activity changes, being told off, being happy anything regarding emotion or concentration the coke bottle is shaken. Through the day the coke bottle has not had time to settle like within school going from activity to break time to playing to lunch no real relaxing time. By the end of the day the coke bottle is about to explode just like Corey inside. I noticed not only was he coming home tired but he would melt down very bad not able to control or manage his emotions. I would see his friends after school fine and coping well with the change of going back to school but Corey wasn’t he was struggling and so was I watching him everyday break down after school. I had a slight fear of oh no he’s not coping in school again. I knew I had to try and change something. IMG_0068. I decided I needed to go back to what I would do as a toddler. He came in this night pictured above and my heart hurt so much he was worn out and visibly stressed. The next night I decided whenever he wanted to or not he was going to sit with his iPad and headphones on to slowly come down from the highs of the day. Instead of coming in and going outside to play I told him to have half hour on his iPad and watch a program. He did and the results were amazing. No big melt down no crazy outbursts or overflowing of emotions. After half hour he was relaxed calmer and happier so was I! We’ve done this every night since and he’s coping so much better after school instead of exploding like the coke bottle. IMG_0062

A week later it was miss Derry Doo Doos turn to start big School. She looked incredible. I couldnt get over how cute she looked in her little uniform and everyone on the way to the school commented on how small she was for school hah! If you don’t know derry in person you wouldn’t think it but she’s tiny. She’s aged 3 but still in age 1 clothing so finding uniform to fit was a nightmare firstly but once in her uniform she just looked to small. There hasn’t been a day since someone at the school parent or teacher hasn’t commented on her size. But both the kids are small for their ages I never notice it till seeing them with class mates the same age.IMG_0069

She also on big news is now out of pull ups! If you don’t follow our insta you wouldn’t know but derry had a massive fear of the toilet and potty training and I felt like she would never make it into underwear. At the beginning of the school holidays I felt like I had turned everywhere and we just weren’t going to do it. she point blank refused to use the loo or even attempt to stand near it. But one day out the blue she asked for the toilet and I couldnt believe it and she actually did it!! Within a week she was done and now just takes herself to the toilet with zero accidents shes been amazing.

We picked her up on her first day and she was so proud as were we. When we had dropped her off there was other children in the class struggling to let go of the parents with alot of tears and I had thought oh god please don’t cry derry I couldnt bare to walk away but she didnt infact she walked us to the door to make us leave quicker haha! I felt it more than she did. But since shes been amazing and loves it. IMG_0074

Another issue we’ve started noticing with Corey is he’s abit behind on his English such as phonics and reading. He’s struggling alot with it so we are in the process of getting him a private tutor. I know 5 seems young but I really want to help him succeed in life and of course derry if she needs it but as of now shes quite forward for her age. I don’t care wha t the kids become or who with whoever they want as long as they are healthy happier and live a good life thats all that matters to me.

As for myself my mental health and physical health hasn’t been great lately but ill talk about that in another post. Have a fab rest of the week guys.

Have your children started school?

How have they coped?

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