Self Care Sunday 5 | Peeling Toes

This week leading off from last weeks post on exfoliating I decided to give this product a whirl. Something you might not know about me is im a picker haha! I pick everything spots, nails , scabs and if something is peeling then im right there to pick it off hah! I know so gross but I Love it haha!! Even if my partner has a spot im there hacking away at it even go as far as pinning him down to pop that white head haha!! Joking im obviously not that bad but Im definitely a picker/popper. Anyway now youve read how gross I am hah! I came across this product over on youtube so decided to give them ago because it is right up my street and I even brought Mark a pair too so I can have more peeling to pick!


So if you don’t know what these are then ill explain. They are basically paint socks that are pre filled with a chemical that gently removes dead skin. To get the full effect of what these are capable of have a search on Youtube, there are some on there which look amazing and peel the whole foot in one big sheet (heaven to me). It doesn’t hurt or leave your feet sore at all. I decided to instagram story the whole thing over on @Lifewithjustnat so come and follow me over there to see more things like this being tried in our stories.

Ill insert all the footage in order here instead of me writing it all out ill let you have a watch in order of event.


And so they were on and we relaxed back for 40 minutes or so and watched the soaps with them on our feet. No burning at all other than the small sting in the cut I had on my leg but that went after a few seconds.

Once we were finished we went into the bathroom and just rinsed them off under warm water. We felt like our feet really did feel deep cleaned. We moisturised and that was that. Its expected with a week the skin will began to peel off. After 3 days my skin were very dry and bitty. The skin has started to peel but in tiny pieces not big sections like I was expecting. Mark didnt peel at all! After the 4-5 day mark the peels that did accure which wasn’t much, stopped and then nothing since. I was really disappointed I didnt get the big peeling stage! Although it is reccomended not to pick or pull the skin that comes off anyway I would have loved to see it but it just didnt work out that way!

But we had a nice pamper and bonding session anyhow! hah!

These were purchased from

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