Self Care Sundays E4 | Exfoliation With Tea

Well its been a minute since I last did a self care Sunday post which is the exact reason I started the series because I put myself last, I make sure everything and everyone is taken care of first before me and I started this series to kick myself into gear and take some time for myself. Even if its just a new book, a bath with no interruptions or a nap! Anything everything that is about yourself enjoying self wether thats running reading or relaxing. Ill link the other posts in this series at the bottom but my aim is have a new post on Sundays which is obvious by the title hah! So lets get into this weeks post.

Ive always been careful with my skin and tried to take care of it right from a teenager id chose the anti wrinkle creams and makeup over the products without and I always wore suns screen. However I never really had an exfoliation routine and didnt even bother with that until early 20s and even then it was now and again. However since having children gravity has not been my friend and nor has the weather hah! I started to notice my skin changing in texture and tightness so decided to regularly exfoliate and it really did help.

For my face I much prefer a gritty texture and to feel like its actually doing something like ripping into my youthful soul hah!! Im always trying new products but I recently found the exfoliator for me and it came in the form of TEA!! Yes tea! Shout out to Glossybox for including this beauty in there box this month. 8E660D69-009C-4B94-960C-875392F7DAE7

When I first saw this I truly at a quick glance thought it was loose tea hah! I actually can imagine a few people did because of the name and picture of the cup at the top. It wasn’t till a second look I saw the body scrub part luckily before I tried boiling myself a cuppa with it! ha!!

The description claims -The original caffeine and antioxidant loaded scrub that blasts away dry skin, fades marks and flushes away toxins to give a healthy glow. 100% NATURAL. VEGAN. CRUELTY FREE. 100g.

Its very corse so only small amount is needed. It has a very distinct scent most obviously of tea but also of citrus orange. Its a very dry formulator and applied bitty literally as loose tea with a rockiness feeling. I really really like it. It leaves the skin feeling very smooth and does indeed lift dead skin. Being completely honest I really have noticed a difference in my skin and ive been using it around 2-3 times a week over my whole body but mostly my face. The packet also reseals too. I would high recommend this product and at under £10 with alot going a long way I think its great value for money.

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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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