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Christmas is fast approaching and parents across the globe are starting to think of what items Santa can bring to make Christmas Morning the best one yet, I no am.

Here are a few items from the brand ZURU which I think would make amazing gifts for children of all ages. All Available in leading toy stores and Amazon.


The kids were lucky enough to be sent these toys out to give a try and see what they thought of them, although they were gifted are opinion is 100% honest and our own.


First on the list of toys are these Rainbocorns in 2 different size. The large being the Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise and the smaller size is the Sparkle Heart Surprise.

IMG_4791_FotorThe Sequin Surprise before even opening had the most luscious smell coming from it. Once opened the egg revealed a large cuddly teddy bear that I was not expecting nor wasIMG_4827_Fotor Derry. She instantly fell in love with her new friend whom also was the item that was
smelling so beautiful. The bear has a gorgeous stawberry scent to her which Derry loved! Also inside was a small set of stickers, a mini egg containing a IMG_4817_Fotor1small animal figure known as BooBoo-corns, and Rainbocorn poo!.

Yes you read that correct Rainbocorn poop , this made my kids day haha! (Its basically kinetic type sand).

The sequin heart can also be used as it has a large clip on the back meaning it can be used on anything such a bags, hair or clothing. These eggs are available in all leading toy stores and Amazon. For around £20.00.


The Rainbocorn Sparkle Heart Surprise is a smaller version and also contains a plush toy inside aswell as Rainbocorn Poop, a small creature figure inside a plastic egg. This One is around £10.

There is also a Dino Version of this egg if pink and plush toys aren’t your childs thing which we reviewed here and is available here.


If smashing items and dinos are more your thing then this is the toy for you! Meet Smash Rex the roaring smashing pooping noisy T-rex. Pooping yep hah! I think the brand understands all young children love all gross things like poop haha! Which I have to say is my favourite part of the whole brand haha! My kids love this idea too and Rex even makes gross sounds like farts etc which made my kids laugh so much.

Another item that can go hand in hand with this product are Smashers eggs which are rebuildable reusable orange eggs that can be smashed open and rebuilt. IMG_5254_Fotor

The Dino also is able to eat the orange eggs and poop them out haha! Lift his tail to bite down on the eggs and then press down on the egg shell on his back to smash and poop them out! IMG_4852_Fotor

Rex is available in all leading toy stores and on amazon, it retails for around £24.99 



I was pleasantly surprised with these little balls. I hadn’t heard of these exact ones but I had seen the Mini brands version which has became a massive Tik Toc trend (former Musically). IMG_5200_FotorThese ones contain 5 small surprises for boys and girls colour coded to either pink or blue. Corey opened the blues and Derry the pinks. Inside are 5 small peel open compartments that opens like a Terrys chocolate orange revealing a small toy inside.

We really had fun with these and the balls are reusable as long as you keep the small seal that just pops back in.

They retail for around £6 and I really do think they are value for money and perfect for stocking fillers!




Baby Shark doo dooooo….. I think alot of us parents were haunted by this song and still are haha! Derry LOVES this song and even still is singing in school currently. I don’t think the owners Pink Fong when releasing it every thought it would explode like it did but never the less it did. Its became a huge world wide hit and has made it big time. This toy is Derrys new favourite thing in the world. Not only does it sing but its water proof! On the side of the shark is a sensor that once touched by the water it begins to not only play the song but swims! Its really honestly is a great bath toy and if you have any baby shark fans this is defiantly the top of your must buys! Retailing for around £15 and also vary in colour.



IMG_5124_FotorThis had us in fits of laughing. I hadn’t read the box before openly properly and we all had no expectations of it moving. BY THE WAY IT MOVES!! haha! It swings its llama head like no one is watching! ha! Aswell as playing tunes it dances and when I tell you Derry flew off that sofa she was like lightening ha! We all couldnt stop laughing. The kids have had a dance a few dance parties with our new friend but Derry literally plays with it daily. She loves to dance and I can’t wait for our baby niece to come over to see how she reacts to it haha! Its a fun interactive toy that all the family can get up and boogie to. The dancing Llama retails for around £25. (P.s Llamas are the next big thing in the trending world).


We had alot of fun with all of these and I know these are the in toys for this year that all your children will love!! The surprise balls are ripping through the app Tik Tok,  I bet if you have a 8+ year old right through to 16 whom have this app will know exactly what im talking about so I know those will make PERFECT stocking fillers. The llama along with baby shark will defiantly be hitting the top 100 list of toys for this xmas you heard it here first 😉





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