Happy New Year!! | Hello Again!

Hello Guys!,

Its been a while hasn’t it? Ive thought about writing this post so much throughout December but for some reason I just haven’t. Well infact I know the reason as its something that I do every few months. Ill be so into my blog emails and writing and loving it but then ill suddenly stop for a few weeks and then I carry this weird guilt that im not on here writing and guilt towards myself that im letting my stats over here drop. The more I don’t just switch the laptop on and start something productive the more guilt I pile on myself like im my own personal bully! Isn’t that crazy. And ill just put it off more and more and the time goes longer and longer. Ill then say to myself like im trying to convince myself “oh its Christmas ill start again soon”. Its so weird I no haha! I just always with everything pile on unnecessary pressure for literally no reason. Its not because I don’t like writing I do I love it its became a passion and it just gives me a release to just type my feelings and babble on! But it also makes me feel like that a old relative you haven’t visited or the gym! Haha! Once im there I enjoy it but getting there is the issue. But im here whoop whoop made it hahh!

So how was your Christmas and New year? Are you ready for a fresh year or missing 2019. We had a really lovely Christmas it was probably one of the most magical with the kids so far as they are now 5 and 3, Santa was a big deal this year. We brought way to much obviously because thats what I do and the kids couldnt believe their eyes! Its actually on our Instagram IGTV them waking up here if you want to have a nosey.

The Bastard Elf lefttttt that was a pain in the arse haha! Having to get back out of bed at 1am warm and cosy to move an elf wasn’t fun haha! All jokes aside I loved the elf it turned December into a fun Christmas month and defiantly made it more magical. Ill leave some pics below and you can check our insta for more on the elf. But he brought us an elf breakfast and lots of treats. The first day he brought our tree and decorations and the magic of it all was amazing. It will be one of the happiest memories I have of Christmas. That first day was beautiful we danced sang hugged and laughed ill remember that day forever and I hope the kids do to.

We didnt do anything for New Years eve we never really do. I used to when I was into my teens we were always at a family party but now I have my own babies I just like to no they are tucked up in bed warm and cosy rather than being out. While there young I just don’t care to be out drinking or partying. Not that theres anything wrong with that but I just don’t feel comfortable. Ill make up for it when there in there teens and have them carrying me home drunk ;-). IMG_1381_Facetune_01-12-2019-05-43-08

This year I didnt want to make any resolutions just another thing for me to make myself feel guilty haha! I think I may have guilt issues or something hahah! But I post this post this photo over on instagram with this caption which sums it up.

2020 a fresh new year. I wont say those cliche things like “ new year new me” or “ 2020 will be our year” not that those goals are great but we can’t predict the future or see where our paths are going. What I can say is i strive for better I want this year to bring out the best in me and my family. I want 2020 to be a year we accomplish big and small & celebrate them all. I hope we change and grow and live. Live in the sense we experience more and to the fullest. We say yes to more especially myself. I want to feel uncomfortable but turn up anyway I want to feel like saying no is my only option but shouting yes anyway. I want to feel in control of me my own mind and not feel like anxiety & depression are lodgers not paying rent! I hope to laugh more the laugh that’s uncontrollably loud and surrounded with the laughter of those I love. Those our my goals and hopes. I don’t make resolutions because I know I want stick to them and then I’ll carry unnecessary guilt 🥴🙈 2019 was kind to us and gave us so many happy times. I struggled with mental health through but took huge leaps forward into beating it. My children grew so much & filled me with pride throughout. Mark remained an arse hole but we reached our 11th New Years together which I think is a MASSIVE success! 2020 be good to us be kind be amazing. Happy New year.


You should definitely come over and follow us we daily story and you can keep up with us over there more.

Today the kids returned to school which was really sad for me this year. Before we moved home back in March school holidays felt like an eternity. We didnt have a garden so we were just stuck inside all the time especially in the summer holidays. Now though we have a garden and the holidays fly by. I hate it when the kids have to go back to school and now they are older they become company. But education musts and all that so off they went this morning. Im currently dying from a sickness bug not actually dying but slightly on my death bed haha! So I was kind of glad of the peace for a few hours. Which has led me back to my blog finally I have no reason or excuse to not come on here and reply to 200+ emails ( hand on face).

2020 lets go!!!!!




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Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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