ITS BLIPPI!!!

We have a mega Blippi fan in this household! Derry is a mega lover of Blippi she asks every single day to watch Blippi on youtube on the tablet. So when the Blippi Team reached out to send us some Blippi Bits out I jumped at the chance for Derry!! IMG_6242_Fotor

When she walked in from school she instantly knew that the box was Blippi just by the colours haha! She screamed OH MY GOSH ITS BLIPPI. Blippi the next day even went to school with her to show her new friend to all her school friends whom all loved him just as much.

Inside the big Blippi box we received were a talking Blippi doll ‘My Buddy Blippi‘ (favourite), Counting blocks, 2 surprise ball pit balls and a dress up like Blippi.


The talking doll was defiantly the favourite in the house. He speaks phrases in the voice of Blippi all the phrases we love and know from the show. He’s a plushie with a squeezable tummy. I would HIGHLY recommend this for any Blippi fans!! He retails for around £17.99 from smyths toy shop.

My favourite has to be the dressing up I can’t even tell how much I said the words AWWW when Derry put these on! She found it hilarious that she was now Blippi too! I think these are fun literally items as an alternative to a full body outfit and you can instantly tell you are supposed to be Blippi by his signature orange glasses and hat! Tell me that is not the cutest thing you ever did see our little Derry Doo as Blippi!


Also in our bundle were 2 surprise ball pit balls which each contain a small dice like cube and a Blippi in different outfits such as having one shoes off or cowboys etc. Each ball pit contains a different character. This retail from £3.99. I think these would be brilliant as little pocket money toys.

Lastly in our bundle were the building counting boxes. At first I had thought these were just counting blocks but I was wrong!! Each box like the ball pit ball contains a different item. Such as shoes for Blippi, food like a pizza, a pet. All different things to make the imagination build up a whole Blippi world. With ours we told a story of who the characters were and what blippi was up on his adventure. These blocks are also brilliant in aiding to learn colours and numbers. These retail for £10 which I think is a brilliant price.

All in all I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Blippi range for any Blippi lover or even those new to learning about Blippi. Check out his youtube channel here. Derry has learnt lots of things through Blippi and now her favourite character has been brought to life!

Big thank you to the Blippi and Jazwars team for sending up such a fablous bundle!!


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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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