Becoming A Yes Person | 2020

Since leaving school and entering into the world of adulthood, I lost touch with all my friends. I slowly become a person I didnt know anymore. Ive always been known for being the loud out going class clown person.But when I entered into work I found it hard to make and keep good solid friends like Id had in my childhood. I lost all my childhood friends and i guess we all drifted away.

I become a shy quiet and reserved person I became a no person. No I cant come no I cant im busy.When infact I wasn’t. Id put up this front of being confident but I wasn’t. Now I think I can see this was all just Anxiety. Anxious of what I don’t know but I watched myself being alone. 72D74BA8-5A6B-4322-886E-EA8D1076A24B

As time went on it became my habit to say not to cancel plans last night I still do it now and its so annoying. I can be dying to go and want to go so bad but my anxiety will cancel for me! Which in turn made me loose out on fun and people.

Its now 2020 a fresh start as we tell ourselves. A new me. But I don’t want a New me I want the old me the out going me the fun me. I decided this year I wasn’t going to be a NO person or a maybe person. I was going to become a YES person. Yes ill come to this event yes ill go out yes ill come along and yes ill do what I truly want to.


2020 so far has been a good year well basically a month haha!! But so far ive said yes to so much I would have previously said no to or shyed away from. Ive been out with friends, Ive reached out to old friends to reconnect, ive put myself out there regardless of rejection and be empowered to do so, we’ve been bowling on a week day!! I got my bloody noise piercedddd!!! Ive wanted to for so long but wouldnt makes the effort to actually go and get it done id talk myself out of it. Ive had friends around for a simple cuppa things I would have cancelled or said no to. Ive accepted blogging work that involves me travelling alone or attending events alone ive said a big fat YES!!!

Its actually been so empowering and confidence boosting to say yes, to own myself, to actually be in control with the things I want to do. I feel freed and excited. I know this isn’t a miracle cure or change to anxiety. Sometimes its been so hard to do and ive wanted to scream no so many times but I haven’t ive forced myself against my own self because I will not be that no person anymore the cancelling person or the excuse person. 2020 I will be the yes person and im excited to see where a yes can take me.



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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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