Help Change Online Trolling.

Hey guys,

Bit of a different post from me and if you read any of my content this one is really important to me and close to my heart.

For over a year I have suffered online trolling. The trolling I think is from a certain person or groupie of people. The trolling at times was daily. It was would start for a few days then go away then come back again. Over and over and over for an entire year. It started with a fake profile leaving comments on my social media then another profile then another and so on and so on.


I always wondered if that person could see how their words were affecting me would they still do it. I suppose they would because that must have been their goals. This Photo is one I have just posted to instagram with the caption –

Just a small handful of the words that have been said to me through Instagram this year by a troll/trolls. Would you have said those words if you’d have known they’d push me to want to die, to think my children were better off without me, to think I was the vile things you said. Would you have said them if they applied like this on my body like a bruise. I’ve begged with one troll for a year to leave myself and my family alone. Imagine having hundreds of media outlets writing about you your private life & then thousands commenting on your life writing awful things about you. I can’t imagine. I know how I’ve felt this year from these attacks. It doesn’t seem right how can someone push you to actually need help from the mental health system but get away with it I’m talking about trolls. How can trolls just get to stay anonymous I’ve begged with Instagram for an entire year to help me and all I got back was “ it doesn’t go against there community standards”. Disgusting isn’t it. I’m speaking about this now because I think now more than ever we as users of a platform whom in part are to blame for deaths not only of Caroline flack but hundreds of teens! The government has to do something about this it’s not right. Please help change this by signing this petition Called Caroline’s Law. Help change the way online platforms deal with online hate bullying and trolling. #carolineslaw

Caroline Flack a stunning women in the public eye had been ripped apart for months by media outlet and trolling on every single platform. She heart brokenly a few days ago took her own life. I cant imagine the pain she felt the such sorrow that she ended her own life because she couldn’t take anymore.

I think I felt 1% of what she may have felt and like many others have felt so trapped by trolling. A bully reaching you in your own home place of work and following you in your own pocket. Its not right and it needs to change. Thankfully someone has got the ball rolling and here is how as those whom have been victims and users of these platforms can help.

Carolines law. A petition that has been set up to force the Goverment to sort this. Here is the link to it and im begging you to sign it. For every person who has ended their own lives due to these platforms not helping those who need it.


My thoughts are with Carolines family and friends im heart broken for them x If you are feeling anyway like this please reach me out to me on my social media I will reply x

Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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