3 Simple Ways Im Coping With Mental Health | February Episode.

Hey Guys,

This month ive talked alot about my mental health and just mental health in general so I decided to share some ways ive found that truly helps in improve my mental health day by day.

Of course the main things that will improve your mental health are seeking medical help, talking to friends and family and knowing your not alone or crazy. Seeking help is so imporant in solving and recovering from any mental health issues so if you are struggling please do reach out in some form. Here is a link to some numbers and website that give great advice. Mental Health Helplines


With all that said for me personally ive found some small tips that can really help to change my mood on that day.


A sign or symptoms for depression is poor hygiene having zero energy or want to even clean yourself. You have no energy to even get up out of bed and the more you don’t wash the more you feel guilt and shame and you become trapped in this cycle daily especially if you have no where to be such as a job. The circle just becomes so over welling and before you know it its been 2 weeks before you picked up the energy to wash or brush you hair.

Sometimes I can wake up and feel really down for no reason and the first thing I do on those days is shower. Even when I just want to lay in bed and showering is so far from what I want to do I HAVE to push myself in there. I love a hot shower but its actually been proven that a cold shower does improve overall health! For me morning showers really do lift my mood and they force you into fresh clothes and the cycle of shame and guilt is broken and it honestly will lift your mood.




I often feel like I just want to hide away and I have sometimes gone weeks and weeks before leaving the house without even meaning to. I just want to stay in my safe space but its really not healthy. I shut myself away from the world. However when I do finally leave the house I feel so much better so ive now started to mark small steps and force myself to leave the house at least twice a week even if its just to the local shop. This is tip I would defiantly suggest to anyone struggling with anything even loneliness!



This is something that I personally have found to really help me. On days when im feeling down or like im wasting my day, sitting infront of my mirror and just applying make up has become a real love for me. Ive been learning Makeup on my own ive became so obsessed with it because it makes me feel so good. It lifts my mood instantly! Ive been watching make up tutorials the lot hahah! Im addicted! Ive always worn make up but ive started to want to apply eye shadows and really learn the techniques. Give it ago! You never know you might find it a passion like me and if not try find your thing! It could be anything that take yours mind else where like cleaning, reading, knitting even lego! Find something that brings your mind away from the darker thoughts.


I hope these little tips help in anyway and please if you are feeling like your struggling please if you do one thing its speaking out, there are people who will listen. If you need a friend my DMs over on instagram are open and ill listen.

Chat to me here – https://www.instagram.com/lifewith2tots/



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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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