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This week I sent probably my most favourite piece of PR and that is this Jolie Beauty Intergalatic Eye shadow Palette.

Since arriving ive played non stop with it and I have to say this tops my favourite palette. The shimmers are so creamy and apply stunning across the lid.


The packaging is vibing off spacey galaxy theme and holds 28 shades. I love the galaxy shine that gleams in the light all over inside and out. What Does Jolie say about this beauty –

Brightly coloured Martians, the deepest galaxies and mysterious black holes are the influence behind this colour story. From intense purples to space-age neons. This palette is sure to give the space-age look!

The palette comes in a gorgeous black and holographic rainbow cover emblazoned with the title, INTERGALATIC, the C hovering in orbit above the word to creates a beautiful, rising crescent moon 🌙

Inside you will find a gorgeous, high quality mirror. Perfect for space travel! And so you can truly see how “OUT OF THIS WORLD” you look.

Then we come to the 28 cruelty-free and vegan eyeshadows inside. The palette contains the Jolie Beauty high standard

Alongside amazing mattes, shimmers and glitters. The Intergalactic palette contains 2 extra special chameleon colours, and 2 colour shifting iridescent eye toppers.


The pigment pops on all shades and honestly has very little fall out. They all blend beautiful together and ive done 5 different looks so for using all different shades. On a side note the black wow ive been using it to do my eye brows and its working better than my actually eye brow products! But my absolute favourite as you may be able to tell from the dent in it is milkyway!! I cant even tell you how creamy this is. Once this is on the lid and spread over its such as gorgeous intergalactic shine! The paletteis also amazingly Vegan and cruelty free and only£28!!

If your looking for a new make up product to try or a new palette to purchase then I highly recommend giving this palette ago you defiantly won’t be sad about it.


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