Coiled Spring Game Reviews!

Hey Guys,

As a family one of our favourite things to do is to have a games night, usually on a Saturday evening we’ll switch off the technology and all sit around the dining table and off we go. We’ve spent countless hours at our table playing all different board games from big to small and its such a memory maker, we laugh we talk we play and we all love it even if we do has the occasional “your cheating” shouted out haha!

We were Kindly sent out some games from coiled spring to review. Ill start with our favoitre out of the 3 and its the simplest little game but we really have played it non stop. Even me and mark have played this while the kids are in bed. Its so small and simple no setting up and can be played quickly.

Splash! How simple does this look. The aim of the game is to build up a tower without knocking it down. You start by diving up the pieces and then from there the first player gives the player to the left a piece which is placed as the base, then that player gives a piece to the next person either the same shape or same colour which is then placed onto the tower. We didnt quite get it right in the photographs with the pieces but afterwards we got it correct and the kids only be 3 and 5 played it perfectly. The concentration on their faces really made me laugh.IMG_7668_Fotor

The game is the simplest thing in the world to play but it really is a crowd pleaser. We’ve had many many games of this since it arrived and we shall be taking on our holiday too as its so small it can easily be packed away to travel.

The gems were used to give on to the winner so whoever won that round got a water splash gem. I highly recommend this little game its competitive and fun to play. Splash is available to buy here and retails for £12.99


Zoo run was another fun game we enjoyed and the kids found it easy to follow along. Something I don’t like with games is being to complicated where the kids have to keep asking whats going on which wasn’t the case with this game. This is a 2 in one game too!


The aim of the game is to form animals in within your 3 cards and help them escape the zoo before the zoo keeper reaches them. The kids really enjoyed this part and became very worried when the zoo keeper reached the pen and we still had one poor animal whom was caught. Derry was very concerned by this as you can see in the picture hahah!IMG_7674_Fotor

The second game we haven’t got around to playing yet but the aim is to race your character to the finishing line by forming animals with your cards. I think this game for ages 6+ maybe abit more tricker for the kids to follow but not difficult with a little help. We’ve really enjoyed this game and the kids have actually played this alone even setting up themselves. This canpurchased here and retails for £16.99


And lastly is Little Battle this game took abit longer than the rest and it did take a while for the rules to be read and understood. Derry being 3 didnt really understand what was happening in this game and so it wasn’t as enjoyable as the rest for her. She is 3 and the box does state 5+ so I would bare that in mind if you do purchase. The aim of the game is to collect the most loot/treasure by playing your cards that you’ve chosen which are the team of adventures you choose in part 1 of the game. Cards have to be passed around and collected so for us both the kids found it abit difficult but I really think that is an age thing 3 and 5. I would say more so 7 years and up would find this game abit easier and enjoyable. Once we got the hang of it we did enjoy it however I would bare in mind the age thing. This game can purchased here and retails for £10.99.


Thank you so much to Coiled Spring for sending these games out we’ve had alot of fun trying them and really enjoyed them in our games night.

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