Thank You Coventry Hospital For Saving My Life.

Where to start? I suppose the beginning would be a good idea…

So the past 8 weeks has been a constant blur on infections, doctors, illness and antibiotics. About 6-8 weeks ago I got the worse sore throat I have ever had well maybe the time I had Glandual fever was worse but I was in so much pain it was tonsillitis on crack! I was bed bound for 4 days couldnt even bare for water to touch it. That eventually past after a week or 2 and from that the whole house became the house of infection it was ridiculous. The amount of bugs and illnesses that passed through this house in the last 8 weeks you’d think we lived in a war zone with bacteria everywhere, just thought id point out here we dont and our house is spotless haha! But we all got ill on and off at least 1 person was in bed poorly on antibiotics.


Around 3 weeks ago I started a new medication for an on going condition I have and I was having a weird symptom that I put down to that. My stomach was having what I thought was hunger pains. I would eat a meal but instantly feel that starving feeling in my belly even thought I knew I was full. I kept waking up feeling a hunger ive never felt which was so weird and I kept planning on going to the doctors for it but felt like what could I say ” hello doctor my belly is hungry but I am not”, he’d look at me like id lost the plot hah!.


However about a week later the strange feeling started making me feel sick. I would wake feeling sick and I even thought I was pregnant even after being sterilised. I even was sick a few times and I began to feel pain in the right side of my tummy. I had thought maybe it was a stomach ulcer and had planned on going the doctors. Im the type of person who doesn’t like to make a fuss of myself, I will put off the doctors till I reach a certain point. I just always feel like what if they think im being over the top or dramatic so don’t go till im on my death bed or something which is what nearly happened…

On Thursday I woke with a burning in my belly I had been taking rennies for about a week and I was convinced I had a stomach ulcer although Ive never had one I just assumed it was. I tried to get in the doctors but couldnt. Through out the day the pain turned to a constantly stabbing and by 6pm I was laying in bed crying with the pain. I had thought about going a&e but being a mum I kept thinking about the school runs and the kids so convinced myself id be ok till the morning and id make sure I got in at the doctors. Over night I had incredible pain and chest pains and I was actually scared I stayed awake most the night. I had a temperature going between 39-40 and I knew something was seriously wrong.

In the morning at 6am I texted my mum who lives an hour away to come and pick my kids up as I knew I was going to hospital. I kept a brave face on for the kids and calmly packed a hospital bag whilst holding in the pain. I was dizzy and my skin was literally grey, my lips had zero colour and I was trying hard to slow my breathing down. By 8.30 my mum had arrived, the kids were so excited to have a surprise sleep over with nanny and not to be going school they had no idea anything was wrong at all. The minute the door closed with the kids leaving I collapsed to the sofa and an ambulance was called.

Once the ambulance arrived it soon became very apparent something serious was wrong and it was like my body just released everything now that the kids were gone. My heart rate shot up, I couldnt breathe well, I was extremely dizzy and my sugars were low.  I can not thank the NHS enough, the ambulance crew were amazing. They kept me calm and kept the vibe light we had banter and I even managed a few laughs. They were so respectful over my dignity keeping me covered whilst getting the monitors on and so kind. They brought the bed in and I joked about how across the road from me is a building site and I was about to be wheeled out in-front of them all hah! Just as we left my house a bus came past and the crew said ” oh look a bus more people to see you on the bed” ha! I really did appreciate there banter and joking around because inside I felt terrified. They blue lighted me into A&E and from there everything happened so fast.



I went straight through to what resus? Im not sure but there was alot happening around me aswell as to me. Next to me was a man bleeding heavily and unconscious with blood gussing from his mouth and I could hear them talking about him not making it.

Within minutes I was stripped off and my bra cut off. monitors and wire everywhere. I had a person on each arm trying to get drips in. Mark had been taken to a waiting room and I suddenly felt very alone and scared. An X-ray machine was brought in and I was x-rayed on the bed. I can’t even tell you how respectful and kind all the staff were. Every single one taking extra care to make sure I wasn’t exposed or uncomfortable. Blankets were put on me and nurses kept making sure my gown was down and tucked in at the sides to hide my boobs. One nurse seeing how scared I was came up to my head area and was stroking my head telling me ” We will get you sorted sweetie” I had a few tears roll down my face and she quickly wiped them away and held my hand tight the whole time. I can not thank them enough the compassion. I kept thinking wow there is a man next to me hidden just with a curtain and these nurses and doctors are looking at that traumatic site then walking into me with smiles putting on brave faces for me even though inside they are probably so sad and have seen the worse of the worse but keep on going for the next patient. I think they are the Heros of the UK and deserve so much more credit than they receive.

Within half hour I was rushed into a CT scan and was told it was my appendix. I couldnt believe how fast everything went and how fast they moved to get me sorted. Usually with A&E it is expected to have a few hours wait from my experience anyway. They are so full and push to breaking point , they just can’t see everyone right there and then but they did for me this time and that told me this is serious. Within 30 minutes a surgeon had come to speak to me and mark and tell us what was happening which was surgery. I took it on the chin I didn’t cry I didn’t think about it I didn’t imagine the worse I just knew it had to be done.

By 3pm I was leaving for theatre and mark actually nearly missed me going! He went to get a drink when they arrived to take me. I gave him hug told him not to worry and whispers ” Take care of my babies”. I went straight down to the theatre, a gas mask was put on which was so hard to breathe in as it was tight to my face whilst a surgeon held it and the anaesthetist put me to sleep.


4 Hours later I woke up in the recovery room. I remembered screaming for mark crying shouting ” Im scared mark, im scared help me”. I hadn’t woke up calmly at all I was terrified and had asked why they removed my leg. ( hand to face slap embarrassed) ha!..

At 8pm I was taken back to the ward to mark waiting. As soon as they closed over my curtain mark burst out crying which was so unexpected he was so emotional. They hadn’t been really telling him any information and he was thinking the worse. He’d given himself a migraine with worry and was so pale bless him. After 30 minutes I couldnt stand laying there naked so asked to get out the bed. They said I shouldn’t but I was determined to get home to my babies so I got up anyway and got dressed. They said I wouldn’t be home till the Monday but I was home the next morning by 11am.

Today is Wednesday and Im recovering great. Still in pain and taking regular pain killers but ill get there. Marks been amazing taking care of me like a new born baby. Sleeping was difficult I had to be wedged in with pillows to keep me still. I also had a few night terrors where I jumped out the bed running which did my wounds great … Not! ha!

Moral of the story is get yourself seen before you reach a point of no return. The surgeon came to see me the next morning and said the lining in my appendix has started to tear and I could have died which is crazy and makes me feel so guilty on my children. I tried to stay home thinking I needed to do this and that and school runs etc for my kids but what good is that if im dead. If something isn’t right get it checked don’t put it off.

We aren’t promised tomorrow and today is a gift. You aren’t indestructible and things like this will and do happen to you.

I can not thank the NHS staff at Coventry Hospital enough. They were all amazing. Professional and caring. The care I received was so amazing and I wish I could thank them all individually.



Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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  1. Wow Hun you have really been through it , must have been so worrying for you all , hope your recovery is quick #thatfridaylinky


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