How are you coping?

Hey guys!

I hope your all well and in good health in this crazy time. Its like the worlds gone mad isn’t it. Schools been out like 3 weeks now or 2 ive lost tract. The days are just rolling into one. Theres time I think its Monday when its Saturday and I don’t even no the date.

IMG_5352We started out with a great routine on school days. By 9 we were all dressed and fed. We joined in the fun with The P.E teacher on youtube dan I believe his name is, what a great thing he caught on to making a fortune for himself on youtube. One day he had something like 600k viewers live. He did a online class doing exercise so we basically had a PE lesson.

When I knew they would be out of school I went onto amazon and ordered some age appropriate work booklets, which have been brilliant. Ill link a few here that we brought especially the Peppa pig ones for Derrys shes really enjoyed them.

Derrys booklets –Peppa Pig Wipe clean.

Coreys booklet –First Sums Wipe clean.

After we did our work we went outside for an hour or so. Last week there was that random burst of sunshine and I even got a sun burnt in it but it made for a great day in the garden we spent the entire day outside which really was a relief from being stuck inside. We even did some painting outside which was fun.

We’ve also done some actives like lego and making pizzas. But today is Saturday and we’ve ran out of actives. The kids are bored with the garden and they are officially driving me CRAZY!!! They are full of energy with no where to burn it off and the weather isn’t the best today so we only last half hour in the garden before needing to come in from the cold. THERE DRIVING ME INSANE!!.

Tomorrow is coreys birthday and so im hoping the new toys and switch will get us through at least of a day of entertainment haha!

Please leave me some suggestions of easy activities that you have done with your kids!

How are you coping? I hope your all doing well this was just a little check in to say were still here!!

Keep safe.

Nat x

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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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