Kindi Kids Review! Rainbow Kate & Delivery Scooter – GIFTED

Hey guys,

We were kindly sent out some toys to give a review from Moose Toys and Kindi Kids.

There are 2 items 1 being this gorgeous Rainbow filled Snack Time friend named Rainbow Kate and the other is the compatible Delivery Scooter.


Abit about Rainbow Kate –

Hi!I’m Rainbow Kate, I’m bright, fun and always positive, and I’m your new Best Friend! There is never a dull moment when I’m around! Pick me up and see me come to life! With my big, glittery eyes, my amazing rainbow hair and my adorable head that bobbles with every movement, I am all set to help you get ready for Kindi! Check out my two cute Shopkins, too. Take my Shopkins Cupcake out of its wrapper and spin it around! Shake my magic Shopkins Slushie and see it sparkle! With your help, you’ll see me “sip” from my magic cup!k2

Kate is a fun brightly colour toddler doll that can also change clothes and shoes! She comes with 2 items one being a sparkling glitter drink and a cake both in the shopkin style character style. Shes bright and vibrantly coloured with beautiful glitter eyes.

She can be purchased from all leading stores and retails for around £25. Derry gives her a 10/10 and has played with her all day!


We were also Kindly sent out the compatible Delivery scooter which also comes with 2 items 1 being a shopkins smoothie and a shopkins strawberry.


The smoothie fits perfectly into the cup holder whilst the strawberry sits perfectly in the food holder on the back. When moved the ear flaps on the front of the scooter like a dogs. The Kindi Dolls fit perfectly into the seat and they make the perfect duo.

The scooter also can be purchased from leading stores and amazon. Retailing for around £14.99. k4

Thank you to Moose Toys & Kindi Kids for sending out these toys especially whilst in lockdown, they are a great addition to keeping the kids busy. How have you been keeping the kids busy? Ive found keeping to a routine is key along with planning. On a Sunday I sit and plan out some activities we can do each day. For example –

Monday – School work 1 hour, Baking 1 hour, Painting 1 hour and out doors for the afternoon.

Planning out each day helps keep my sanity and allows the kids to feel more secure knowing what is happening and when. It also stop boredom! Plan Plan and Plan some more!

Heres a couple activity ideas!

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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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