Orchard Toys – Review!

Hey guys we were recently sent out some new toys to try out from Orchard Toys!

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Before we get into reviewing I just wanted to add in a great feature Orchard Toys have on there site. With us being in this crazy time and lock down getting to the shops has become quite hard especially with children, and if you have a birthday coming up it can be quite difficult getting there to get Birthday cards. So on the site you can downloads colourable templates that you or your child can then colour and give to a family member or even friend. I think its such a cute idea, more personal too. Click here to check them out.

Infact I think all of these games and puzzles would make fantastic gift ideas. Lets get into the review! First up is Farm yard Heads&Tails where the aim of the game is to match the heads of animals to their bottoms.  We really enjoyed this game I think would really suit ages 18months , we added in learning animals sounds to match the pictures too. The cards a large wipe clean easy for little hands to grasp and clean.  This retails for £8.30 o2


Next up is Rainbow Unicorns which is another matching set but this is incorporated into a word game. Players are dealt out head cards and they each take turns in turning over tail cards to see if they can match them to their own head cards. Unicorns then race over the rainbow to the pot of gold. This is a really easy game to play along with and we had lots of fun with it. Derry is 3 and she caught on how the game went to I would recommend ages 3+. It retails for £8.50.



o3Coreys favorite is defiantly the Dinosaur Jigsaw! We love a good puzzle and this one was fun to make. Something I did really like is that on the back on the box its got a walkabout section where you can learn abit about it dino including names and habitats. 50 pieces in nice bright colours this would make a great gift for a Dinosaur lover. Retailing for £11


With us currently being in lockdown and schools being closed we’ve been doing alot of home learning and this has come at the perfect time! Match and Spell does what is says on the tin (box). The letters separate and the child can use the prespelled out cards to match the letters to the card to spell out the word. Helping for letter recognition and word building. We’ve been using this everyday during our homeschooling and I can already see a difference in what letters derry is able to recognise. This retails for £8.50.


Smelly wellies is another matching game where by the player has a monster character game card and wellies are turned over to try and fill your card with matching wellies. It can also be played as a memory game. This was very easy to play and both kids enjoyed it. Retailing for £8.30o10


I think all these games would make perfect gifts for children. I would definitely recommend checking out the Orchard Toys Website here to see the full range of toys they have on offer from colouring books to games.

Thank You orchard for sending out these games we’ve had lots of fun trying them out.

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