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Are you a brand snob? My savings tips.

Are you a brand snob? What do I mean by that. Well when I started out living in my own home at 19 I had no clue the value of money even at 19 I was spoilt I had an easy life a good life provided by my parents as a child I would go… Continue reading Are you a brand snob? My savings tips.

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Saturday Night Sundaes

In our house on a Saturdays I spend the day getting the whole house cleaned bleached and fresh bedding all the laundry washed and just everywhere spotless. Then we love on a Saturday afternoon or night after bath time sitting down together all getting cosy and watching Disney movies as a family. I love it… Continue reading Saturday Night Sundaes

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Starting Christmas in July.

I know you've all read that title and thought what the hell is she talking about! Its July we have a bloody heatwave for Christ sake Natalie! But bare with me and trust me come December you'll thank me! As of today 04-07-18 there are 182 days until Christmas day. I am starting the challenge… Continue reading Starting Christmas in July.

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Top Tips For Keeping Kids Cool

In Coventry where we live England, the temperature today reached highs of 28-29. For us that is really hot. We never get heat like this well obviously in summer months it gets hot but as brits were used to temps like 0 -1 -8 etc! We see rain more than shine, so when we get… Continue reading Top Tips For Keeping Kids Cool

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Ark’s Chew Dude- Tink N Stink

If you didn't know already Corey my son who isย  4 years old is awaiting assessment for Autism and ADHD i'll link our journey story here if you fancy having a read about Corey. But to keep it a bit shorter, one thing Corey does and always has done is chew. He bites his tops… Continue reading Ark’s Chew Dude- Tink N Stink

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Simply Scented Coventry

If you live in Coventry and haven't heard of Simply scented them erm where you been? Your missing out big time! Even if your not in Coventry, if your a candle and fragrance lover then this is the company for you and ill say your welcome in advance! A quick run over of the company… Continue reading Simply Scented Coventry