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Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’m Natalie the mummy of 2 tots!

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lifestyle, beauty, parenting and everything in between kinda blog.

We’re a crazy family of 4 plus a fur baby. We’d love for you to subscribe and follow us on our social media platforms linked above to join our crazy lives as we try to navigate this thing called parenting.

We are not a perfect life kinda blog with model photoshoping pictures more like mud covered puddle jumping silly faces pictures… We are a real parents, real struggles, real tantrumming toddlers who’s emotions are on a daily rollercoaster , and we have our ups and down. We are trying to navigate our way through life with the added factor of a toddler with autism. I am a finger comb my hair mama but I also do love to glam now and again. We shout we laugh we build memories. We are REAL. Join us on the dark side ha ha xxxx


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