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I heart Revolution – Star Fizzers

Ok I know Ive wrote a lot lately about bath products and bath bombs to be exact, like how much can one person talk about bath bombs haha! I'm sorry but these aren't just your average joe bath bomb, these bad boi's are beautiful star like rainbow explosions ย  ย  ( they don't explode) haha!… Continue reading I heart Revolution – Star Fizzers

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GlossyBox – JULY

Whoop Whoop its glossy day!!! ( well it was actually yesterday but I was mega busy ha! ) Yay! Another glossy box arrived yesterday and I think this maybe my favourite one! Now I know what your all thinking, " you say that every month" ha! Which I most probably do because I am a… Continue reading GlossyBox – JULY

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BirchBox Review & Why I’m Cancelling my subscription.

When I started blogging and product review I always told myself I would be honest and give a real opinion regardless of how big the brand or if it would come off badly for myself by being honest in my review. I wouldn't say a product was amazing if it turned your skin green just… Continue reading BirchBox Review & Why I’m Cancelling my subscription.

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Simply Scented Coventry

If you live in Coventry and haven't heard of Simply scented them erm where you been? Your missing out big time! Even if your not in Coventry, if your a candle and fragrance lover then this is the company for you and ill say your welcome in advance! A quick run over of the company… Continue reading Simply Scented Coventry