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Chronic Illness & Pain | My Experience

Yesterday I posted this post on my instagram -   I woke up feeling completely exhausted like I hadn't slept in a month. I felt low in mood and my whole body ached like id been in the ring with rocky himself. I felt like I just needed a day doing nothing to try let… Continue reading Chronic Illness & Pain | My Experience

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Top Tips for Insomnia

Insomnia! If you've ever suffered with insomnia you know exactly how frustrating it is. It completely affects your whole life. In my own experience I would go 4-5 days without sleeping correctly before my body gave in and I would finally sleep. I would be activeย all day trying to burn off every ounce of energy,… Continue reading Top Tips for Insomnia

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Childcare.co.uk – Review

Being a parent is HARDWORK! ha! That's just an out right fact and sometimes you just need that break or helping hand to make it through the week, day, minute or second hah! Something I found beyond stressful while pregnant with Derry was finding child care for Corey for appointments and scans. Mark would be… Continue reading Childcare.co.uk – Review

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Tips I wish I knew before starting my blog.

Tips I wish someone had told me before I started blogging I am no way an expert on blogging at all. I started with no advice or clue how to even make a post let alone a blog, so these are things ive found out along the way. Firstly before starting anything right down a… Continue reading Tips I wish I knew before starting my blog.

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Mental Health – How am I doing?

The past few months we've seen recently on the news a lot about different celebrities committing suicide through depression. Last week Love Islands Sophie Gradon 32 was reported to have committed suicide. Sophie through her small windows to her life in the form of social media showed a happy life, an amazing lifestyle and dream… Continue reading Mental Health – How am I doing?

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Mental health. A subject people are afraid to talk about. I myself am nervous even writing this post, why?... Why are we so scared to let others know we have Mental health issues ,problems ,illnesses.. For me the word "mental" doesn't help. Mental for me as a single word represents crazy, wild, weirdย or not "normal".… Continue reading I AM NATALIE AND I HAVE MENTAL HEALTH!