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Chronic Illness & Pain | My Experience

Yesterday I posted this post on my instagram -   I woke up feeling completely exhausted like I hadn't slept in a month. I felt low in mood and my whole body ached like id been in the ring with rocky himself. I felt like I just needed a day doing nothing to try let… Continue reading Chronic Illness & Pain | My Experience

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We are now on YOUTUBE

HEY! Ive been abit quiet on here lately with us having such lovely weather we have just been busy having fun. And we also are now on YouTube yay!! Please come on over and show us some love hah! Ive only got our little intro up as on now but we will be daily vlogging… Continue reading We are now on YOUTUBE


Giveaway – £50 Love2shop gift card AD

We have the giveaway bug! We are now onto give away number 5! And this one is to win a £50 gift voucher for Love2shop. If you dont know who love2shop are there vouchers can be used in hundreds of shops heres a few of the shops they can be spent in.  Full list All… Continue reading Giveaway – £50 Love2shop gift card AD



  CLOSED WINNERS ANNOUNCED OVER ON OUR INSTAGRAM! HEY!! We are back again with another giveaway! Number 3 now, we are on a roll!! We also have some amazing giveaways to come so be sure to keep up to date over on our Instagram! This Give away we have joined forces with the amazing brand… Continue reading PHOTOBOX – GIVEAWAY! AD

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Lolita Hand Painted Glass Collections AD (gifted)

I recently discovered this company through my Teacher gifts idea search and originally they were just going to be a feature on that post (coming soon) . However when they arrived I was blown away by how beautiful they are, I couldn't just keep them contained to that little segment. They are so worthy and… Continue reading Lolita Hand Painted Glass Collections AD (gifted)


I Heart Revolution – Rose Gold Glow

Highlighters the past few years have exploded into the make-up world and changed the make up game big time! When I was a teenager 10 years ago pushing 15 years ago hightlighter wasn't even a thing or contouring. I think at 14 years old I could barely manage my foundation let alone anything else. The… Continue reading I Heart Revolution – Rose Gold Glow

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Birch Box – June

Being a make up addict I love trying new products, monthly subscriptions are a great way to get samples of new products like a try before you buy and more often than not I end up buying the full size product that comes in the monthly subscriptions. Within the subscription boxes you do get a… Continue reading Birch Box – June

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I Heart Revolution – Gold Chocolate Palette

I heart revolution is a branch off the revolution family of Make up products, a more playful take on make up, in colours and designs. The full range is playful with bright colour and a more out there view than the professional range. With Metallic , chromes and all things fun the range is probably… Continue reading I Heart Revolution – Gold Chocolate Palette

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Revolution Limited Edition 2018

Firstly before I get into the review of this brush set quickly check out this link for there website the brush set is on sale £50 down to £20 HERE Your welcome x This brush set is a 10 piece including 9 brushes and 1 silicone blender. It contains everything you need for a full… Continue reading Revolution Limited Edition 2018

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Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Legacy Co

LINK to purchase -https://bit.ly/2qYd3FQ £6.30 This is my second item from Beauty Glazed Legacy Co and I have to say when I saw this the drag queen within me went wild ha ha. If this is unicorn fairy festival vibes I don't know what is! When I saw it online I thought maybe this wont… Continue reading Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Legacy Co