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Childcare.co.uk – Review

Being a parent is HARDWORK! ha! That's just an out right fact and sometimes you just need that break or helping hand to make it through the week, day, minute or second hah! Something I found beyond stressful while pregnant with Derry was finding child care for Corey for appointments and scans. Mark would be… Continue reading Childcare.co.uk – Review

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Unique Teachers Gift Ideas

  With the end of the school year fast approaching and the trend of gifting that special teacher a token to say thank you, I have come together with some beautiful brands to make the task of finding a gift that bit easier. Teachers are the back bone to society, they treat our children like… Continue reading Unique Teachers Gift Ideas

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All About Corey – Our Journey with Autism

Corey is my first born. The little angel sent from above who made me "mummy". I was 23 when I had Corey ive talked about my first pregnancy experience in another post so if your interested read that but to keep it short I didn't have a great time and was really poorly. I had… Continue reading All About Corey – Our Journey with Autism

Life as i have experienced

Anxiety the bully who lives with me.

Anxiety came when I wasn't expecting it. It didn't start with noticeable symptoms. I had no sore throat, head ache or rash. The illness crept up like a shadow i could not see. It surrounded my life gradually until it became me. It possessed my life and i was powerless to stop it. I would… Continue reading Anxiety the bully who lives with me.